Can I make films with a mobile camera?

Multi-camera control - operation procedure

  1. Names and functions of the buttons and symbols

    Multi-screen mode

    Single screen mode

    List mode

    1. Live view
    2. Remaining capacity of the storage medium
    3. Remaining battery charge
    4. Recording mode
    5. Group owner (only displayed if connected via the group owner method)
    6. Camera name (can be accessed by selecting MENU> (Network)> [Edit Device Name])
    7. Menu button (to change settings for all cameras at the same time)
    8. Shutter release button (to record with all cameras at the same time)
    9. Shutter release button (to record with a camera)
    10. Display key (to change the display mode)
    11. Groups (only displayed if there is a connection via the access point method)
    12. Return to multi-screen mode or list mode
    13. Rotate
    14. Adjustment range
    15. Image display button on the smartphone (images sent from the camera to the smartphone are displayed)

    Tap the live view to switch to single screen mode.

    To adjust the position of the live view, touch the live view for a slightly longer interval to select it before dragging and dropping it.

  2. Configure all cameras

    In multi-screen mode or list mode, tap the MENU button. You can change which icons appear on the screen. Tap the icons to change the settings.

  3. Record with all cameras at the same time

  4. Recordings with cameras only in video mode

    Use the multi-screen mode or the list mode.

    If the cameras' recording modes are mixed but at least one is set to film mode, only the cameras in film mode will start recording when you press the shutter button.

    1. Since this camera is in movie mode, it is recording movies.
    2. Since this camera is in the still mode, it will not record anything (“!” Appears as a warning).
  5. Configure a camera

    Use single screen mode.

    To change the settings displayed in the setting area, tap the relevant item.
    To change settings that are not shown, tap the menu key.

  6. Recordings with a camera

    Use single screen or list mode. In list mode, tap the list on the right to select a single camera.

  7. grouping

    Individual cameras can be divided into groups and controlled via these.
    This function is only available when connected through the access point mode.

    To add cameras to groups (e.g. group A)

    • 7.1. Select [A]> [MENU]> [Edit group A].
    • 7.2. Tap the cameras to add (or delete).
    • 7.3. When you are finished, select [OK] to save.
    • There is no limit to the number of cameras in a group.
    • A camera can belong to more than one group.