How do you wear a poncho properly

The trend of the year

The trend of the year

Fluffy, light jackets and throws are trendy. And that in stylish colors and patterns that range from subtle pink to trendy purple. Ponchos in particular are in the spotlight this year, as they are comfortable and still warm. Ponchos not only have the charm of the 50s, but also always have a touch of naturalness and simplicity. Ponchos and capes are not only ideal companions for autumn and winter, they also look good on cooler days in summer.

What is a poncho?

Ponchos are a type of cape. They are originally from Latin America. The typical ponchos were once made from a piece of cloth. The head was stuck through a slit in the middle and everything was worn like a kind of cloak. The poncho became famous on the screen through Clint Eastwood, who wore the cape in famous spaghetti westerns.
Of course, fashion has changed the poncho. New patterns were created and made the poncho modern and suitable for everyday use. The cape is no longer just a rain and weather protection.

Ponchos belong in every perfectly organized closet

Ponchos are underrated items of clothing. The capes are super practical. You should therefore have at least one poncho in your closet. The throws are practical, light, flexible and cozy. You can do without jackets that constrict you. Under the capes you have enough freedom of movement and the handbag still fits under.
You can wear ponchos with any combination of clothes. Whether skirt, trousers or dress, the coat-like item of clothing always goes with it. In the 1940s and 50s, the cape was booming and was worn in many designs. Your dress size is not important, because the cape is cut wide and almost always fits. You are not condemned to inactivity through the arm slits.

One piece of clothing - many designs

It's never wrong to have multiple ponchos in your closet. So you can combine the cape depending on your clothing style. In terms of color, there is almost nothing that doesn't exist. When you get your first poncho, however, you should choose a subtle color that goes with your other clothes. Delicate tones such as beige or rosé can be combined with almost all other colors and are always in fashion.
You should also coordinate your wardrobe with the patterns. Plain colors or checks can be combined with almost all patterns. If you like to wear monochrome clothes, the poncho can be patterned a little more conspicuously.

The material does it

Originally ponchos were made of wool or cloth. Today, many materials come into question, making the poncho possible for every season. Choose a lightweight acrylic for summer. For the cold days, wool or cashmere are a good and noble choice. Each material has its advantages.

This is how you wear a poncho

Ponchos only really work with tight clothing. Stretch jeans, narrow corduroy trousers or tight leather trousers are a must-have in combination with a poncho. But the tight-fitting dress also looks smart. As a rule of thumb, the narrower the clothes underneath, the better. It gets rustic with a denim blouse or polo shirt. The poncho with a silk blouse and pencil skirt looks a bit finer. In the Etno look, the capes can also be worn with bell-bottoms. But there can also be a break in style. The highlight of the poncho are overknee boots, which you can wear in fine leather even in summer. These then give you a touch of sex appeal.
The right accessories make the poncho an eye-catcher. Shoes and bags in the colors of the cape look harmonious. Shawls and shawls are a must. And when it gets a little colder, gloves and a felt hat should of course not be missing.