Is 24 percent body fat too much

This is how you reduce your body fat

What is the body fat percentage?

The percentage of body fat is the percentage of stored fat in relation to the total mass of the body. Due to evolution, our body stores more fat than we actually need to be able to fall back on reserves in an emergency. Well, not everything goes by with time ... unfortunately.

How do I determine my body fat percentage?

A look in the mirror is enough to get started if you don't have a body fat scale at home. Do the self test and see how much skin you can grip. The more rolls you have to grab instead of rolls, the higher your body fat percentage and the need to keep reading this article.

If you want to know exactly, I recommend buying a body fat scale that measures your success over the long term. However, this is an investment of 30 to 40 euros. In addition to the body fat percentage, a body fat scale can also calculate your water content, muscle percentage and bone mass. With a weak electrical current that is passed through the body, it measures the various components. By the way, the ideal time to take measurements is right in the morning before breakfast. A more cost-effective alternative to measuring your body fat percentage is body fat pliers, which you can use to measure the width of your folds of fat.

You can find more information about determining your body fat percentage here in Caro's article.

What is the ideal body fat percentage and when will my six-pack appear?

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When it comes to body fat percentage (KFA for short), we speak of an individual value - depending on age, gender and stature. Take a look at the table to see where you are right now.

KFA too high? Then it's time to change that! Too high a body fat percentage not only has a negative visual effect, it also causes high blood pressure.

KFA too low? This is also dangerous, it can lead to disorders in the organism.

But when will you get your six pack now? From a body fat percentage of 10 to 12%, a six-pack can be easily recognized in men, and from around 13-15% in women. A long way, but a worthwhile goal!

Also have a look on this topic in the Caros article on targeted fat loss!

Which body fat percentage is healthy?

KFA in mennormaltoo high
20-30 years14,9 % – 19,0 %from 24.0%
30 - 40 years 18,0 % – 23,0 %from 25%
40 - 50 years20,0 % – 25,0 %from 27.0%
KFA in womennormaltoo high
20-30 years22,1% – 26,0 %from 29.5%
30 - 40 years22,7,% – 27,7 %from 31.5%
40 - 50 years25,5 % – 30,9 %from 34.1%

The best Gymondo programs for body fat reduction

With the Gymondo diet and the workouts from Gymondo Burn or our Bikini Body program, you are well on the way to reducing your body fat percentage. Whether for the six-pack or general health - it is worth following the tips and reducing your body fat percentage!

I wish you a lot of fun with training and perseverance on your way to your personal dream body!


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