What is James Gandolfini famous for?

James Gandolfini: was alcohol to blame for his death?

"Sopranos" star James Gandolfini († 51) died on Wednesdayof a heart attack in Rome. Sudden death is a mystery. Was his heavy alcohol consumption the cause of his early demise?

Gandolfini was not a food lover, not a man who skipped a good meal - but also a man who used to have problems with liquor and cocaine. Did the alcohol end up getting too much for the actor's heart?

Gandolfini spent his last day with his family in Rome. The “Sopranos” godfather wanted to show his son Michael his Italian roots. Rome, the eternal city. In addition to the sights, the Italian metropolis is known for its good food. At around 7 pm, father and son come to the “Sabatini” restaurant on Piazza Santa Maria.

According to the New York Post, king prawns and duck foie gras are served - but also two pina coladas, four glasses of rum and two beers for the Hollywood star. Just a few hours later, Gandolfini dies of a heart attack.

Previous addiction to alcohol and cocaine

In 2002, James Gandolfini admitted to having been addicted to alcohol and cocaine for years. In 1998 he went to a rehab clinic because of this. His then wife Marcy Wudarski said during the divorce in 2002 that he was sometimes so drugged that he simply disappeared for a week from filming the "Sopranos".

With Wudarski, Gandolfini had a son, Michael. That Michael who discovered his father's lifeless body in his hotel room.

Gandolfini achieved an international breakthrough with his role in the Mafia series, winning three Emmy and Golden Globe awards for portraying the godfather Toni Soprano. The responsible TV broadcaster HBO announced that all employees were "in shock" and felt "immeasurable sadness".

Gandolfini began his career in New York theaters and played on Broadway in "Endstation Sehnsucht". He participated in numerous Hollywood productions, including “True Romance” (1993) and “8mm - Eight Millimeters” (1999). Last year he portrayed former CIA boss Leon Panetta in the thriller “Zero Dark Thirty”. The film is about the search for Al Qaeda boss Osama bin Laden and his killing by US elite soldiers in May 2011.