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DynDNS: 5 free providers at a glance


DynDNS is a good option if you want to access your computer at home when you are out and about and only want to enter a domain name. In addition to paid providers for DNS packages, there are also a number of services with free packages. Netzwelt introduces you to 5 free providers.

  1. Simple solution with FritzBox and Speedport routers
  2. Five free DynDNS providers
  3. Differences between free and paid providers

The "Dynamic Domain Name System", or DynDNS for short, offers you the option of accessing devices in your home network via the Internet. All you have to do is type a domain in your browser and you will be forwarded to your network storage (NAS) via a dynamic IP address, for example. But what are the easy ways to get such access?

Simple solution with FritzBox and Speedport routers

First of all, you have an advantage if you own a Fritz! Box from AVM, because it can be easily converted into DynDNS access with a script and its own web space. You can find out how to do this in the following linked article.

Anyone who has a Telekom Speedport router in operation at home also has to tinker with something. However, you need a good DynDNS provider for this. We list free providers below.

Five free DynDNS providers

In addition to the industry leader "Oracle + Dyn" with its fee-based offers, other DNS providers have also established themselves in the market. These offer either just a free package or a free package and a paid package with no restrictions. Below are five free DNS providers.

AtOracle + Dyn *

DynDNS service

DynDNS Service is a German provider with around 45,000 users. This allows the registration of five free sub-domains, which can even be expanded upon request. A total of three hosts can then be set up. Furthermore, the provider stands out above all for its simple registration.

AtDynDNS service *


The English-speaking provider "No-IP" offers you three hosts in the free package. However, you have to confirm these every 30 days, otherwise they will be deleted. In addition to the free package, you have the option of buying a paid package for just under 25 US dollars (21 euros) per year or 35 US dollars (around 32 euros) per year. These offer you more hostnames, no advertising and no permanent confirmation is necessary.

AtNo-IP *


ClickIP is another German-speaking provider that offers a free DNS package. You can register a sub-domain, but you will get plenty of advertising for it. If you want to expand the package, you pay just under 2.50 euros a year. The advantage: no advertising and faster forwarding.

AtClickIP *

Securepoint DynDNS

Securepoint is actually a provider of IT security products from Germany. However, this also offers a free DynDNS service with five hosts and 100 domains. The secure service also supports IPv6 and an automatic update function.

AtSecurepoint DynDNS *

Differences between free and paid providers

Often free and paid offers only differ in the following points: hosts, sub-domains and no advertising. For private users who do not need too many hosts, a provider with a free package is definitely sufficient. However, if you want to forego advertising and have more domains to choose from, you can opt for a paid package.

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