What is Hunter Biden's job

In right-wing conspiracy circles, Hunter Biden is nothing less than living evidence of the allegedly corrupt machinations of the Biden family. Someone who holds out his hand because papa is in a position of power. He is said to have taken money from Ukrainian oligarchs to open the doors to Joe Biden when he was Vice President of the United States. He is also said to have been involved in dubious and accordingly well-paid consulting deals with state-affiliated Chinese companies. Nothing of this is proven. But that doesn't really matter in the world of myths and fairy tales.

Hunter Biden has decided to put an end to the hunt for him. His autobiography was published on Tuesday. "Beautiful Things" is the name of the book, beautiful things. In it, Biden describes himself as a man who has walked through many valleys. And who now, at 51, has finally found hold thanks to a new love. Hunter Biden's memoirs are, let me tell you, not stories that an incumbent US president or any other father would want to read about his son.

The valleys that Hunter Biden describes are so deep that the sun probably didn't have a chance to warm the ground. In the prologue to the book, he writes: "I bought crack on the streets of Washington DC and made my own stuff in a hotel bungalow in Los Angeles. I was so desperate for a drink that I couldn't make it one block away Going to the liquor store to my apartment without opening the bottle and taking a sip. For the past five years my two-decade marriage has broken up, guns held in my face, and at one point I slipped all the way through the web and lived in Super 8 motels for $ 59 a night off I-95 while scared my family even more than I did. "

The accident that killed his mother and sister never let go of Hunter Biden

President Joe Biden speaks a lot about grief. He knows about it. In December 1972, when Biden had just been elected Senator in the state of Delaware for the first time, his wife Neilia Hunter Biden and his then 13-month-old daughter Naomi died in a car accident. Hunter Biden, then three years old, and his one year older brother Beau only barely survived the accident. Joe Biden watched over their hospital beds for weeks. There he was also sworn in as a senator. Then in May 2015, Beau died of a brain tumor. The latest stroke of fate for the Biden family.

Joe Biden was buried with his first wife and two children. Less known is the story of Hunter Biden, who had to overcome the deaths of his mother, little sisters and, most recently, that of his big brother. The accident never let go of him. In the book he remembers. His sister slept soundly in a baby basket in the passenger seat. "Suddenly I see my mother's head turning to the right," he writes. "I can't remember anything else about her face: just the look in her eyes, the expression in her mouth. Her head just sways back and forth." That was when a trailer truck loaded with corn on the cob crashed into the side of the car.

As a young adult, Hunter began to drink. He went into rehab. The first relapse came when his father became Vice President in 2009 - and Hunter had to end his own career as a lobbyist. Withdrawal again. After Beau's death came the second relapse, and now Hunter also took drugs. "I didn't eat much except what you could buy in the liquor store. Doritos, ramen noodles. After all, my stomach couldn't even handle the noodles anymore." He soon lost ten kilos in that time.

Hunter Biden describes his father Joe as a support

Hunter Biden and Beau's widow Hallie Biden fled into a romantic relationship. They moved in together. Hunter Biden divorced his wife Kathleen, with whom he has three children. His relationship with Hallie Biden "began with a desperate pursuit of the love we had both lost," he writes. But it did not work. "It made one thing clear: what has passed is gone forever."

Hunter Biden describes his father Joe as a support. "He never made me forget that all was not lost. He never left me, never cast me out, never judged me, no matter how bad things got." And they got worse. At one point he bought crack from a homeless dealer and moved in with him. "I was a crack addict and that was it."

The tide should not turn until March 2019. Joe Biden was about to announce his candidacy for the 2020 presidential election. During this time, Hunter Biden met the South African filmmaker Melissa Cohen. As Hunter Biden describes it, it was love at first sight. On the first night he confessed to her that he was a crack addict. Her answer: "Not anymore. You're done with that."