Where does K Pop come from

Korean Pop Music: What Is K-Pop: A Style Of Music Is Rolling Out The World

South Korea has also been of interest to music fans all over the world for a number of years. Because a special style of music comes from the Asian country: Korea-Pop, K-Pop for short. Millions of young people in Korea listen to this music. But the style is also gaining more and more fans in Germany.

What is K-Pop?

K-Pop is short for Korean Popular Music. Translated from English, that means: Korean pop music. K-Pop is very broad, you can also find parts of rap, rock and pop music. The singers are always perfectly styled and wear bright and colorful clothes.

What is special about K-Pop?

The songs have very light melodies that are easy to remember. That is why they are so successful: You can sing and dance along right away and the music meets the taste of many people. The songs are about love, friendship and family. The songs have English lyrics so fans from all over the world can sing along.

How did K-Pop come about?

K-pop as we know it today has been around for about 30 years. But the roots go back to the 1950s. At the time, Americans held concerts in Korea to introduce people to Western culture. As a result, many young groups were formed that adopted the American style of music. They played rock and pop music.

The artists mixed the American music with the Korean language - this was the origin of K-pop. K-pop became particularly popular around 30 years ago. That was due to the group "Seo Taiji and Boys", which had huge success all over Asia.

Who are the most famous K-Pop artists?

The most famous K-pop singer is Psy. K-Pop became known in Europe through his song "Gangnam Style". The video has been viewed over three billion times on YouTube alone. Many imitated the dance that went with it.

Along with Psy, BTS is one of the best-known K-pop groups. BTS stands for Bangtan Boys. The band has been around since 2013. They have fans all over the world, the group has millions of fans on social networks. EO has been around since 2012. The group consists of Korean and Chinese singers. Her albums are the top selling of all K-pop albums. The band "Big Bang" is one of the kings of the scene. They are often referred to as "the biggest band in Asia". The singer is G Dragon and has over 15 million fans on Instagram.

What role do social networks play in K-Pop?

The social networks like Twitter and Instagram are very important in the K-pop world. The bands are constantly sending pictures and videos to their fans, creating a topic of conversation. Under the name of the group "BTS" alone, over 37 million posts were posted on the Instagram platform. For comparison: "Only" 32 million photos and videos can be found under the name Justin Bieber. The artists send out pictures and stories from their lives several times a day. The fans have the impression that they are very close to the lives of the stars.

Are there also downsides?

Talent agencies are used to train future stars. Even small children are selected by the talent factory. They get foreign language lessons, they learn to dance and sing.

However, the agencies' methods are controversial. Some children are only allowed to see their parents on weekends. You have to work through a tight schedule. And some children have their smartphones removed. The children and young people are also under enormous pressure - there is fierce competition in the South Korean pop business. (dpa / AZ)