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Commodity-Inside experiences from traders

Commodity-Inside experiences of: Marco C.

so the "not positive" comments, regardless of who, are so bad. They ALL sound like a person who has just PERSONALLY experienced something bad where he blames the service and not himself and SO it's really difficult to judge whether the service is OK or not. Which criteria led to a negative evaluation? So up to now hardly any reviews that helped, neither positive nor negative. Too bad.

Commodity-Inside experiences from: Dr. Wild

Page no longer exists, which shows that there was nothing serious behind it

Commodity-Inside experiences from: Test Agent

And why was Commodity-Inside founded as a UG, not as a GMBH?

Well, just as not everyone has their own Lear-Jet, those who do not have a share capital of 25,000 euros choose the "1-Euro-GmbH", the UG.

Does anyone know whether "Commodity Inside" and "Commodity Concepts" (Michael Ruiss) will continue now, or was that it? I'm only asking about the subscriptions that have already been paid for.

Commodity-Inside experiences from: Test Agent

Funny, the homepage of "commodity-inside" is offline and so is that of "commodity-concepts" (Michael Ruiss).

It's good that I was able to determine beforehand that some (not all) trades from their historical trade statistics are completely identical. The question arises: "Who copied from whom?" Was the trade statistics nicely balanced, like the Greeks cheated into the EU?

The wording of the terms and conditions and disclaimer, however, were completely the same for both providers.

Commodity-Inside experiences from: pewe

Hand on heart guys, how long have you been here?
For the Dax system, I pulled the extracts from the archive. Since I once had an account with Rosenthal myself, I can't say that these things were faked. They're real.
€ 46,000 with one contract, that's what I call a clean service

I was once told not to be so critical all the time, so here's a compliment from my side :-) for Dax trading.

But the trend following models are more likely to get hit, right? I mean about false outbreaks and stuff?

@ Dietmar: What is Goldman Roll?

Does anyone know Andy Gordon?

Commodity-Inside experiences from: Dietmar Scholtysik

Goldman Roll rocks! 13 trades of $ 11,800 in profit in 2012!
Keep it up!!!

Commodity-Inside experiences of: Carsten Komma

A signal provider calling real trades and not proclaiming to have had an execution for 20 pips at night 3.
After my trial subscription, I extended it to an annual subscription because the service really convinced me.
The signals come either around 10:00 p.m. or the next morning for the current trading day.
After you have placed the trades, you actually have nothing to do for the whole day if you have a broker with whom you can automatically link the stop to the entry order. Otherwise you should place the stop after execution, but that's it.
No back and forth, in or out, but a very controlled trade, which, as a working member of our society, I appreciate very much.

Price: approx. 600 € for the annual subscription or almost double that with money back guarantee (cheap is something else :-))
But let's be honest, if Commodity Inside were not convinced of its services, they would not offer such a model ... and that in turn convinced me. Both thumps up!

Commodity-Inside experiences of: Armin

good signals and good service.
Emails are usually answered very quickly and, above all, you are not ironed out like some others, even if you do not understand something immediately!
I'm still a beginner and I think it's great when you are taken by the hand a little and advised by the risk manager. Otherwise, if I could do everything myself, I wouldn't subscribe to the signals.
Crediting the trial subscription to a normal subscription was not an issue for me. can thus confirm what has been predicted.

Best wishes


Commodity-Inside experiences from: Marcus Väth

Orders for the Dax system come in every day, but executions only occasionally. Sometimes I don't get the point when the market is 500 points higher and the system spits out an order that wants to sell the market short 500 points lower ...

2012 so far 4 executions - 2x profit and 2x loss. So it's still on the spot! I can start now, I would be ready :-)

Who has already gained experience with the trend following systems offered? I would be interested in the hit probability, which is not shown.
As far as I know, is it still too big for this type of trading, or am I wrongly informed?

With the trading systems, the hit probability and all other information that you would like to have is shown in detail. Personally, I liked the Dax system best, as the chart is pretty straight, with no major fluctuations.

Commodity-Inside experiences from: Herbert

very competent and excellent signal service with money back guarantee.
had booked the trial subscription for the raw materials swing system at the beginning of october and you can hardly believe it, and made an impressive 11,000 USD in profit. November was okay with 500 USD, about 5,000 USD lost in December but currently 4,000 USD in profit. the bottom line was about 10,000 USD in a little more than 3 months. one cannot complain about that.

what bothers me a bit is the number of markets that are traded. 13 different ones in the summer and that can get a bit violent from the movements.
Ms. Doelger said that you should definitely get in with 50,000 USD, otherwise you might find yourself in distress not being able to take part in all trades. But then I only got in with 30,000 because I wanted to test it first. shortly before christmas a silver trade flew around my ears which resulted in a loss of around 4,000 USD within 3 days. Due to my lower account value, I fortunately only traded 3 minis. but that was tough!

For the money back guarantee, the competence and the quick response to emails, I can get 5 out of 5 stars. forgive. Keep it up

Commodity-Inside experiences of: Michael

Hello Frank,

I subscribed to the Swing Trading (Forex) signals at the beginning of December and am quite satisfied with it. Was also unsure at the beginning and therefore cheekily asked for a money back guarantee for the trial subscription and got it - yep!
Sometimes cheek wins :-)



Commodity-Inside experiences from: FH

Has anyone already gained experience with www.commodity-inside.de?
The track record looks promising and there are even realtime statements in the archive.
Unfortunately, I've been too often on the nose with such providers, so I want to be careful this time. Profit signals, Fabturbo, adblue - I had them all.

So post your experiences



Criteria when comparing commodity inside

Trade offer

Here you can see which values ​​such as forex, indices, commodities or stocks are offered by Commodity-Inside for trading.

Tradable currency pairs

This value indicates the number of tradable currency pairs. With this information we have taken into account the maximum number of currency pairs that are offered by Commodity-Inside for trading. Indices, stocks, commodities, certificates or options are specified by and separately

Trading platform

Here you can see all trading platforms on which customers can trade at Commodity-Inside. Many forex brokers offer their customers several trading platforms for trading. In most cases this is trading software that the user has to install on his system. Often, however, web-based trading platforms, JAVA platforms or trading applications for mobile devices such as Iphones, Ipads, Android devices or Blackberries are also available.

Metatrader 4 (MT4)

This value indicates whether Commodity Inside supports Metatrader 4 as a trading platform. The Metatrader as a trading platform has enjoyed increasing popularity with Forex traders in recent years, as the Metatrader 4 offers many functions as standard and is easy to use. Among other things, the Metatrader platform offers many tools for chart analysis, as well as indicators, oscillators and even its own programming language that allows the programming of automated trading systems, so-called Expert Advisors.

Metatrader 5 (MT5)

Here you can see whether the Commodity Inside supports Metatrader 5 as a trading platform. The Metatrader 5 is the further development of the Metatrader 4. Among other things, the Metatrader 5, like its predecessor, offers many tools for chart analysis as well as indicators and oscillators as standard. Of course, the programming of automated trading systems, so-called Expert Advisors, is also supported here.

Market Maker or ECN / STP Broker

Here you can see which broker type I am dealing with Commodity-Inside and which technology the broker uses to execute their orders (ECN "Electronic Communication Network" or STP "Straight through Processing"). ECN or STP brokers forward the orders placed by customers directly to their liquidity provider without the interposition of a dealing desk. The result is often faster execution of orders and generally more transparency in trading. In addition, there is no conflict of interest between customer and broker, as is the case with market makers.

Web platform

This value indicates whether Commodity-Inside provides its customers with a web-based trading platform. With a web-based trading platform, customers can log into their account via the web browser and manage their account without having to download or install trading software beforehand.

Commodity Inside experiences

Here you can see how many experience reports on Commodity Inside have already been left with us by other traders. In addition to the pure conditions, customers' commodity-inside experiences are a good indicator of how good the broker's service in LiveTrading actually is.

Order options

Here you can see which different order options the broker offers its customers. Depending on which trading platform is used, the order options can vary greatly. Therefore, check whether Commodity-Inside offers all the order options you need for your trading strategy.


The spread describes the price difference between the buying and selling price of a value traded on the stock exchange and is usually given in pips. The size of the spread is thereby determined by the broker. The spread can be fixed or variable depending on the broker. The lower the spread, the less fees the trader has to pay for buying and selling a position. In our overview, we usually only show spreads for the 3 most important products. If you want to find out more about other spreads, you can do so in the Read the Broker Details tab.

Maximum Leverage

The leverage indicates the factor by which your deposited margin (a security deposit that must be deposited with the broker to open the position) is multiplied. With a leverage of 1: 100, for example, you can buy another currency worth 10,000 euros and only need to deposit 100 euros in margin with your forex broker. A higher leverage results in both higher profit and loss opportunities.


The margin is a security deposit that you must deposit with your forex broker when buying a position so that he can open the position. The margin is usually expressed as a percentage. In the example above, you open a position worth 10,000 euros with a margin of 100 euros. The margin in this example is therefore 1%.

Smallest tradable unit

The smallest tradable unit or lot size indicates the minimum size of a position that can be traded with Commodity Inside. For example, if MicroLots (0.01 Lot) are tradable, this means that the smallest position in EUR / USD corresponds to a value of 1000 USD, which means a profit or loss of 0.10 USD for every pip that the EUR / USD rate moves.

Minimum deposit

The minimum deposit indicates the minimum amount that you have to deposit into your trading account at Commodity-Inside when you open an account, so that you can start trading. Many brokers now offer their customers the opportunity to trade with a small minimum deposit and smaller contract sizes, and some brokers even no longer require a minimum deposit at all.

deposits and withdrawals

Here you can see which options there are at Commodity Inside to make deposits or withdrawals to your account. Typically, all brokers offer deposits by bank transfer or credit card. Many providers also offer the option of making deposits via Skrill, SofortÜberweisung, PayPal, Neteller or other payment systems.

Account-holding bank

Here you can find out at which bank your deposits are kept when you open an account with this broker. This is not unimportant information, especially with regard to deposit insurance and the security of your deposits.

Deposit insurance

One of the most important points when trading Forex, CFDs, stocks or other financial products is certainly the deposit protection. Here you can see up to what amount your deposits are protected with Commodity-Inside, if the broker should get into payment difficulties and his claims no longer can operate.

Licensed broker

Here you can see whether Commodity-Inside has a stockbroker license and is licensed to trade in the products on offer. If he does not have a stockbroker license, the provider may not be sufficiently regulated and / or only act as an intermediary, so-called IB (Introducing Broker), and refer customers to other brokers. We urgently advise against trading with insufficiently regulated brokers, because our experience has shown that these brokers in particular are often not so strict about fair order execution or punctual payouts.

Withholding tax

Particularly interesting information for German customers: Here you can see whether the withholding tax is paid directly at Commodity-Inside or whether you have to declare this yourself in your tax return at the tax office. The advantage of a direct payment is, of course, that it makes it easier for you to submit your tax return to the tax office, but the major disadvantage is that the capital that is deducted from you in the form of the withholding tax immediately after the trade is no longer available for future trades.


Here you can see whether and by which regulatory authority commodity-inside is monitored and regulated. We strongly recommend only trading with brokers that are monitored and regulated by one of the following regulatory authorities:

Commodity Inside Valuation

Here you get a quick overview of the average rating Commodity-Inside received from former or active customers. This information gives you an idea of ​​how good the service of the provider actually is. However, we recommend not only to look at the overall rating, but also to read through the ratings in detail, as every trader has different trading priorities and therefore allows different aspects to flow more or less into his evaluation. What is important to one investor may seem unimportant to the other.


Special features are offers or services that characterize Commodity Inside and that are not necessarily customary in the industry. Special features would be, for example, extended deposit protection beyond the statutory deposit protection fund, many free webinars or training courses, free tools or allowing scalping as a trading strategy.

CFDs are complex instruments and, because of the leverage they provide, there is a high risk of losing money quickly. Between 74% and 89% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money, before opening an account with a forex broker, CFD broker, ECN / STP broker, Metatrader Broker or before buying an Expert Advisor in our database about experiences and reviews of other traders, read the corresponding testimonials and make a forex broker comparison. Help other users to compare the listed forex brokers and share your previous experiences on broker-evaluations.de and write a review. The ranking of the brokers is based on the customer ratings submitted.