How common are dogs in India

Tragedy in India: Shortly after birth - baby bitten to death by dogs

Stray dogs killed a baby in a hospital in India. They had entered the operating room through a window. The hospital also apparently did not have an operating license.

In India, a baby was bitten to death by stray dogs in a hospital just three hours after it was born. According to the family, the dogs got through an open window into an operating room of the private hospital in the northern Indian district of Farrukhabad and attacked the child who was lying there alone, investigator Ved Prakash Panday told the AFP news agency on Tuesday.

The newborn was injured all over, the investigator said. However, a forensic examination still has to clarify the exact cause of death. The hospital, which according to the authorities apparently did not have an operating license, was closed. Several clinic employees were charged with manslaughter.

The hospital offered the family hush money

According to the family, representatives of the Akash Ganga Hospital initially told the family that the child had already been born dead. However, the family who heard the dogs in the operating room asked. Finally, the hospital offered her hush money.

Reports of dogs stray in Indian hospitals are common. Medical facilities are in poor condition, especially in rural areas. There are more than 30 million stray dogs in India, many of which are rabies.