How are you flying to Sydney

Flight to Australia - non-stop or with stopover?

If you are looking for a flight to Australia, you will not just book a direct flight. There are several options available regarding the airlines flying to Australia, the flight route and the flight duration. There is also the question of whether a short stopover to refuel the machine could be used for a multi-day stopover in an interesting world metropolis. If you ask yourself these questions, you can turn a simple flight to Australia into a great vacation experience. At this point we have the right answers ready for you.

Choice of airline and flight duration

Even if sitting for hours on a plane is not necessarily one of your favorite activities, the long flight to Australia shouldn't prevent you from seeing the many Australian highlights with your own eyes!

A flight with a renowned airline such as Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines or Emirates will make the time on board pass as pleasantly as possible: Comfortable seats, attentive flight personnel and very good on-board entertainment make the flight comfortable and ensure the greatest possible relaxation on the way .

Good connections with coherent departure and arrival times also contribute to the feeling of being on vacation during the journey to Australia. We have the best flight connections ready for you.

How long is the flight from Germany to Australia?

So far, there are no non-stop flights to Australia from Germany. However, a flight route via Asia or the United Arab Emirates makes it possible to reach the country with only one stopover to refuel. The pure flight time from Germany to Australia in this case is between 21-24 hours - depending on the airline, start and destination. After all, a flight from Frankfurt to Sydney (distance as the crow flies) covers more than 16,500 kilometers.

The duration of the trip is extended by a few (at least 90 minutes) and several hours depending on the length of the stopover. Including the time difference - depending on the season and region on the fifth continent between +6 and +10 hours - you can reach the desired travel destination in Australia on the next but one calendar day.

Non-Stop Flight to Australia - Is This a Good Idea?

If you are thinking about a non-stop flight to Australia, you can consider flying from London to Perth in Australia without stopping! Granted, it sounds extremely tempting to fly to Australia without a stopover. You don't have to get off the plane on the way and after 17 hours of flight you are already in Down Under. What to consider before booking this flight:

  • The non-stop flight starts in London - To get the direct non-stop flight to Perth, you first have to fly to London. A feeder flight including a (short) stopover in London must therefore be taken into account.
  • Time difference - Flight from Germany to London at 7:00 a.m. In London, the flight to Perth departs at 8:00 a.m. (in Great Britain the clocks go one hour behind). The flight to Perth is 17 hours and the clock advances 7 hours en route. That means you land in Perth at 8:00 AM the following morning. After a travel time of more than 24 hours -
  • Tired at the destination - This long-haul flight has it all! Sitting in an airplane for 17 hours without fresh air and without being able to properly stretch your legs in between can lead to physical limits. Although the journey time is shorter than a flight with a layover, you will arrive in Australia quite exhausted in the end.
  • The non-stop flight lands in Western Australia - Although we find Western Australia beautiful, many travelers visiting Australia will not stay there but take another flight from Perth to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide or Brisbane.
  • The plane uses more fuel - It is fascinating that airplanes now have the capacity to cover the distance from Europe to Australia without stopping. However, due to the longer distance in the air, the aircraft requires far more fuel than an aircraft that refueled on the ground in between.

A trip with TravelEssence stands for sustainable travel, among other things. For this reason we have decided not to offer the London-Perth route.

Better to fly to Australia with a stopover

To get to your destination relaxed, we recommend flying with a stopover to Australia (or New Zealand). That means not only having a couple of hours layover at an airport, but a two to three day stay with all the trimmings at an interesting stopover destination. These are our reasons:

1. Experience another vacation destination while traveling

If you are flying to the other side of the globe, why not add another travel destination to your holiday? So to speak, "killing two birds with one stone" and taking great impressions with you from another cultural area or a world metropolis.

2. Arrive at your destination relaxed

A stopover on the way to Australia not only makes the trip more varied and interesting, but also helps you arrive relatively rested and relaxed at your destination Down Under.

The stopover allows you to relax and unwind in peace and quiet in a pleasant hotel room. The organism also has the opportunity to get used to the large time difference between Germany and Australia. After a few days in between, you get refreshed and relaxed on the plane to Australia, and you can start your journey there relaxed and rested.

TravelEssence offers a wide variety of stopover destinations, here are a few examples:

  • Bali - The "Island of the Gods" belonging to Indonesia is known for its ancient culture, beautiful nature and a pleasant tropical climate. Visit one of the 20,000 temples in Bali or enjoy the relaxed atmosphere on one of the numerous beaches. It is an enrichment to look around here for a few days.
  • Hong Kong - A lot of nature awaits you in Australia, so why not experience cosmopolitan Hong Kong as a small “contrast program”? Ancient Chinese culture next to and between ultra-modern skyscrapers, a bustling world port and luxurious hotels - this city offers variety!
  • Singapore - No city in the world is like Singapore. The city-state is the greenest, safest and cleanest metropolis in Southeast Asia. Here you can simply experience everything: state-of-the-art architecture, bustling markets, cultural events and attractions and green nature near the equator.
  • Fiji - The "Pearl of the South Seas" spoils visitors with turquoise glittering lagoons, dreamy sandy beaches and beautiful coral reefs. Fiji is a great destination on the way back and ideal to extend your holiday with relaxation: From Australia you can reach the South Sea island in 3 to 5 hours.