Why do people call me McRee

German Mr. Leather 2004 is now a "men's rights activist"

Philipp Tanzer was once a celebrated activist and gay porn star - today he prefers to hang around among anti-feminists. In a new, sometimes somewhat uncritical documentary by the British BBC, the reactionary activist is given plenty of space for his theses.

The six-minute preview alone is enough for a huge load of foreign embarrassment. In a nutshell, the dancer, who has lived in Great Britain for eight years, claims that society ignores "men's issues" and discriminates against the "stronger sex". "As a man it feels right now that everything we do is insufficient or wrong," complains the 42-year-old.

As Logan McCree, Tanzer enchanted lots of porn-savvy gays a decade ago (Image: Raging Stallion)

As an example for his assertion, he says that "almost all" of his comrades in the armed forces lost their children in the custody battle against their wives. He also questions women's suffrage, after all, women often do not do military service.

Dancers among misogynists in Chicago

The documentary makers also accompany Tanzer when he visits the "International Conference on Men's Issues", which took place in Chicago in autumn 2019. There it is spread that men are more likely to be victims of domestic violence than women. When asked, Tanzer obviously also questions the official statistics on violence against women as a matter of principle.

The conference was a very dubious event. It was co-organized by the organization "A Voice For Men", which is classified as a "hate group" by the US civil rights organization SPLC. One of the "A Voice for Men" leaders claims, according to the SPLC, that men are "debt servants in a vicious matriarchy" today.

On Twitter, Tanzer likes to provoke with the usual methods in social networks

LGBT education in schools means "indoctrination" for dancers - the 42-year-old likes to use the language and arguments of right-wing populists on this and other topics

Tanzer was once very popular in the gay community: Born in Pforzheim, he won the title of Mr. German Leather in 2004 when he was 26 years old (queer.de reported). Later he put on records as a DJ Krieger and ended up with the US porn label "Raging Stallion". Under the porn name Logan McCree appeared in a total of more than two dozen relevant films.

He celebrated great success in this branch: In 2009 the actor received "Best Performer of the Year" at the "GayVN Awards" as well as for the best sex scene and the best threesome. A year later he won the award for best actor for his role in "The Visitor". He has also received several "Grabby Awards" and an "XBiz Award".

Today Tanzer lives in the village of Durness in the north-west Highlands of Scotland and works as a hairdresser and masseur.