What is the history of soup dumplings


The small letters are particularly popular with children. (Photo by: © kathrinm / fotolia.com)

Who doesn't know it - the alphabet soup? Not only children but also adults appreciate a hot soup with small letters as a soup insert. Not only because you can get your own name out of it so wonderfully, but because a delicious noodle soup warms and invigorates body and soul from the inside. Add a delicious soup such as pastini and a great starter is created. "Pastini" means "mini", of course, there are not only small letters, but also other types of pasta in small formats. They are always funny and children especially adore them, the little parsnips.

The pasta types of pastini

Almost all types of pasta in short formats can also be made in miniature form. There are mini farfalle as well as mini penne, mini pipe or mini conchigli. There are also noodle variants that are only produced and served as mini noodles. These pure pastini varieties are, for example, the letter noodles, small asterisks and small vermicelli.

Origin and history

The small types of pasta of the Pastini do not have a very long tradition but have largely been developed in the last century. The aim was to bring many different types of pasta onto the market, on the one hand to make pasta enjoyment more exciting for the whole family and, on the other hand, to offer each individual customer “their” perfect little pasta. Almost all of the major pasta manufacturers therefore offer a wide range of pastini.

The appearance of the pastini

Pastini's appearance is as varied as Italian pasta in general. Apart from the filled pasta and the long pasta types, almost all pasta formats can and are also offered in their miniature form. The small letters, the asterisks and the croissants are certainly particularly popular with the children. They are easy to spoon and are therefore also ideal for thin soups.

Use in the kitchen

Anyone who believes that the small pastini can only be used as children's noodles and for soup additions is wrong. The small noodles are also ideal for dishes with other small ingredients. For example, the small noodles harmonize perfectly with peas, other pulses and ham cubes. Halved mini tomatoes and cream cheese such as ricotta also go well with the small types of pasta such as the mini farfalle.

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