Trudeau Canadians failed

Trudeau government survives vote of no confidence

The opposition Conservatives in Parliament in Ottawa had demanded the establishment of a committee of inquiry into alleged corruption in the government of Justin Trudeau. The government has been accused of having illegally awarded a multi-million dollar government contract to a charity to which the Trudeau family has close personal contacts in the course of combating the corona pandemic. Among other things, Trudeau's mother, brother and wife are said to have collected fees - the equivalent of around 200,000 euros. The Canadian aid organization had been entrusted with a comprehensive program to support students during the Corona crisis.

Trudeau had already apologized for this in a press conference broadcast live across the country in July. Before an ethics committee, the prime minister later spoke of a mistake.

Trudeau had linked the Conservative Party's latest attempt to set up a committee of inquiry to vote on his political future. He described the approach of the conservatives to overthrow him with a vote of no confidence as an attempt to paralyze the work of parliament. The left-liberal "New Democratic Party" and the members of the Greens did not vote against the government in the vote of no confidence, so that the motion did not get a majority.

Canada's liberals remained the strongest political force in the election a year ago, but lost their absolute majority. Since then, Trudeau has governed with a minority government that always relies on votes from the opposition

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