Why is Nevada City in California

Nevada City, California: Best Route to See Wildlife

Explore the most popular routes that are likely to see wildlife near Nevada City and get inspiration from detailed descriptions, ratings, and pictures.
Deer Creek Tribute Trail
# 1 - Deer Creek Tribute Trail
Nevada City, California
Length: 5.1 km • Est. 1 h 16 m
This trail commemorates the early contributions of the native Nisenans and Chinese to the history of this place. A suspension bridge - the Nisenan Tribute Bridge or "Anqkula Seo" spans a beautiful section of Deer Creek and connects to the Environs Trail on the other side. This trail is a nice walk for families, pets, and seniors. It starts and ends in shared apartments, with National Forest in between. Another popular stop is the Miner's Foundry on Spring Street in downtown Nevada City. Please keep your dog on a leash, avoid playing music or smoking, and note that the trail is closed after dark. Stay on the path so as not to end up on private property. Following these rules will help the residents of this neighborhood stay safe and keep this avenue open. Show more