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The right CMS for private websites

Thorsten Eggeling
EnlargeOn you can create your own blog with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Free blog with

The easiest way to your own website are the numerous free offers on the net. At, for example, you can set up a simple Wordpress blog with just a few clicks of the mouse. The storage space is limited to 3 GB, there is no possibility to install additional Wordpress plugins and the selection of the available Wordpress themes is limited. The range of functions offered is more than sufficient for a private homepage. If you want, you can expand the storage space to 5 GB at for 99 dollars a year, register your own domain name for the blog and create an individual blog design.

EnlargeYou can create a free blog at

Set up a simple blog with

Another free blog provider is the Google service Here, too, a few steps are enough to set up a simple blog. The storage space for texts is not limited, 1 GB storage space is available for images. Pictures can also be integrated from Picasa Web albums or from any other storage location on the web via a URL. The appearance of the page can be determined using a template selection. The HTML code and the CSS code of the layout used can be edited in a web editor and a template designer and thus changed as required. The functions of the blog can be expanded using gadgets. For example, there are gadgets for blog stats, popular posts, slideshows, and polls. You can also integrate ads from Google AdSense into your blog and earn money with them.

Store your website with a web host

If you want more than the free services, you can fall back on the offers of a web host. There is the right solution for every taste and budget. For four to five euros per month you can get your own domain name and can click your website together with a website builder. Corresponding offers are available from all web hosts, for example from 1 & 1, Strato or Host Europe.

Web Hosting Guide: This is important when hosting websites

The website on your own server

If you prefer an individual and flexible solution, you can opt for a hosting package that not only offers web space, but also a web server and database. You transfer the files of the content management system to the server via FTP access and set up a database. Any content management system can be installed on the server. You just have to make sure that the desired script language is included with the hosting package. Particularly inexpensive offers usually only contain support for the PHP scripting language. If you need Perl or Python, you usually have to dig a little deeper into your pocket. The prices are between four and ten euros per month, depending on the storage space on the hard drive (usually 500 MB to 4 GB), the number of databases and the domains included.

If you have your own server, you should always allow time for updates. Criminals are constantly trying to find security holes in web applications in order to then deliver malware to visitors or send spam e-mails via the hijacked server. The software installed on the server should therefore be updated as soon as updates for the CMS or for extensions are available.

EnlargeAt 1und1 there is a website builder from 4.99 euros, with which a website can be created quickly.

Find the right content management system

Before choosing the CMS, there are content-related questions. Do you want to publish articles on current affairs, personal experiences or something about your hobby on the internet every day? Then a blog is for you and Wordpress is probably your best choice. Wordpress is quick to install and easy to use. The system can also be expanded almost at will with numerous plugins. There is also a large community and extensive documentation.

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