What is the best employee referral software

These are the top 10 employee referral programs

In times of declining applicant numbers, companies are exploring a variety of channels for their recruiting. One possibility is what is known as employee recommendation marketing. Behind this is a simple but effective idea: Digital employee recommendation programs enable your own employees to recruit new employees. A "win-win" situation, because employers can find competent employees in a cost-effective and time-saving way and the employees start looking for them with great motivation, after all there are lucrative bonuses.

The idea is of course not new; Gaius Julius Caesar already paid his soldiers extra gold when they recruited strong new recruits. In recent years, more and more providers with employee recommendation programs have pushed onto the HR software market. We have summarized the ten most important for you:

  1. Firstbird

Firstbird turns interested employees of a company into talent scouts by regularly informing them about jobs. In addition to being able to share the jobs using a personalized link via social and professional networks, by email or WhatsApp, Talent Scouts can carry out the application process on the platform on behalf of the interested candidate. Tracking makes it easy for HR to keep track of which source and through which Talent Scout the recommendations came. With Firstbird Individual bonuses can be awarded for certain jobs or a general bonus scheme can be established for the entire company.

  1. Talentry

In the focus of Talentry there is access to new talent pools through the social networks of the employees of the respective company. The software consists of two parts: Talentry jobs and Talentry Stories. The feature Talentry jobs enables employees to share open positions on their social networks and recommend candidates to their employer. Talentry Stories goes one step further and wants to turn employees into brand ambassadors. Employer-provided content - such as press releases or blog articles - can be shared by employees on their social networks. By linking shared content with matching job offers, for which candidates can also apply directly, the employer gains access to new talent pools.

  1. XING Recommendation Manager

This serves as the basis XING Recommendation Manager the professional and private XING network of employees. In it, he identifies suitable candidates who are latently looking for a job and creates a candidate pool. Job offers from your own company are automatically compared with the candidate pool. This shows which employee has contacts that could fit the job description. The HR department can send these employees the job offers, which they can then forward directly to their contact or share on a social network.

  1. RolePoint

Also the English-language software solution RolePoint mainly uses the social networks of the employees to increase the selection of high-quality passive candidates. In addition, it also uses Google Cloud Job Discovery, a search engine that learns automatically and minimizes the risk of missing relevant jobs. Also created RolePoint Predictive analytics to make the expected results of the recruiting process and the company's performance compared to the industries transparent.

  1. Employee werben.de

The recommendation tool "Employees Recruit Employees“Can be used without installing special software and offers company employees their personal dashboard with news feed. The HR department keeps employees informed about advertised positions via the platform. These in turn can also use the tool as a mobile app. Employees can send job postings to friends via links or share them via their social networks. The basic package for up to 100 employees can already be used free of charge, but two chargeable versions offer more features.

  1. Jobvite

The English-speaking complete solution Jobvite describes itself as a candidate-focused recruiting platform. As such, it covers all areas from employer branding to active sourcing and onboarding. A particular strength is the trackable recommendation program for employees Jobvite Refer. This enables employees to automatically send job invitations to their social networks.

  1. Zao

Zao goes one step further than most other employee referral programs. Because instead of restricting participation to existing employees, the English-speaking one refers to Zao Ex-employees, salespeople and the entire trustworthy company network. Anyone who comes across a job advertisement distributed by the employees can in turn recommend it and would thus benefit from a bonus as part of the “recommendation chain”.

  1. Referential

Like Arbeiterwerben.de, the US Referential the advantage that it is completely browser-based. So no matter where they are, HR professionals and employees can go anywhere Referential as long as they have an internet connection. The entire process from job posting to hiring and premium payment is transparent for the recommending employee.

  1. Simppler

With just a few clicks, employees can connect to their digital networks Simppler. The referral program is based on machine learning and makes it easy to find the best talent in the employee network. Once the most suitable candidate has been found, it is sent to the applicant tracking system by Simppler passed on, which thus manages the entire process.

  1. Boon

The great strength of Boon is gamification. By gathering information about a number of variables, the platform gives employees what are known as “Boon Scores” based on how many recommendations they are sending in and how well those recommendations work in the hiring process. Especially for teams that are motivated by the competition, the English-speaking one Boon worth considering.

Sebastian Ofer is editor-in-chief of the online portals HRM.de and HRM.ch as well as the TALENTpro blog. The journalist and studied Germanist has a keen eye for exciting HR topics and the latest trends in the world of work.