Julian Newman is an NBA talent

Good news

Eleven year old Julian Newman has been playing basketball since he was three and is the star of the Downey Christian School team. He is even said to be the reason that opposing basketball teams are already looking for ways out not to compete against the 1.35 meter tall and 32 kilogram heavy boy. Even if he is a few heads smaller than his opponents, he makes them look old in rows.

Image source: youtube.com (video screenshot)

He is still 35 centimeters shorter than the second smallest player on his team and the second youngest teammate is four years older than Julian. But all these facts do not prevent him from proving all his skills in the game and completely large to play. The high school portal “MaxPreps” describes Julian Newman as a “little basketball giant” and reports that he shows moves that not even an NBA player could do. He comes to an average of 12.4 points (baskets), 11 assists (passes) and 4.3 steals (conquering the ball) per game.

Even the New York Times reported in February this year in the sports section about the young basketball talent.

In any case, you can see that Julian has a great talent and that he enjoys the game a lot. One can only wish him that it stays that way. See for yourself - have fun!

Source: yahoo.com