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What does a Software Quality Assurance (QA) manager / software tester do?

Key facts

Activities of a software quality assurance (QA) manager / software tester

Your day-to-day work as a software tester primarily consists of testing your software. However, there is much more to your area of ​​activity than just searching a program or software for errors, for example. You are also responsible for creating a suitable concept for an optimally coordinated software test. In this context, you have to master all available test tools with regard to the respective technology to be used. On the one hand, you need special knowledge in this regard (different script languages, etc.), and attributes such as ambition and perseverance should definitely be among your defining characteristics. When testing software, the first priority is therefore to check integrated technical innovations, to set up a functional or effective test concept in which you have to consider various methods for explicit troubleshooting, and to start the test runs. It is important to find relevant errors and to present the project or program as flawlessly as possible in the final version. Because: Every problem that you solve or avoid with regard to the functionality and efficiency of a software, conversely leads to greater customer satisfaction, which ultimately determines the success of a company. In this regard, you not only act as the great bug discoverer, but also document them in a detailed framework in order to improve the respective conceptualized or applied test system on the basis of these records. The time that you as a Software Quality Assurance (QA) manager / software tester generally have for a test of the respective program is limited by appropriate submission deadlines.

As a Software Quality Assurance (QA) manager / software tester, you have to take care of the following areas of activity in detail:

  • Measuring or determining the quality of a corresponding software system. Here you have to take into account previously defined standards as a test reference.
  • Detection of errors (here: bugs) with assignment of specific detailed requirements (usability, functionality, security, etc.). In particular, you must also meet contractually regulated or legal requirements as part of this activity. Assessment of the ultimately real quality of a tested program. A positive assessment becomes the prerequisite for the release of the software with regard to the operational operation.
  • Generation and implementation of individual test goals. As a Software Quality Assurance (QA) manager / software tester, you have to design several test levels, which are primarily composed of a large number of individual measures (examples: interface test, functionality of computing power, load test, restarting, etc.).
  • Subdivision of test points in relation to the development of safety-related systems. A component test carried out on the development computer, a test of the target hardware, a product integration test, a product validation test or a system validation test can be used here.
  • You will also deal with the implementation of product tests, field tests and acceptance tests.
  • Exercising a controlling function: The final acceptance of a software or a software system is always based on the respective test results. For example, daily logs or reviews are carried out to enable the software to be optimized.

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How do I become a software tester?

Due to the high demand, career changers with practical and up-to-date IT skills can also find jobs as software testers. The classic way is certainly through vocational training, but if the perspective is also to exist in software development, a computer science or information technology degree is the best way. "Programming" is usually part of the catalog of compulsory subjects in computer science courses, and at some universities you can also take corresponding specializations. In many cases, graduates of the natural sciences and engineering courses also find entry-level jobs in software testing. Computer science You can study nationwide at almost all colleges and universities in Germany, and choose a focus on information technology in countless natural science and engineering courses. There are also countless courses that specialize in a certain area of ​​application of computer science, such as Bioinformatics Geoinformatics, energy informatics, medical informatics, media informatics and much more.

Duration of study:

  • 6-7 semesters (Bachelor), whereby the seventh semester is usually the compulsory practical semester that you have to complete in a university of applied sciences courses.
  • 3-4 additional semesters (Master)


Where can I work as a Software Quality Assurance (QA) manager / software tester?

Since you as a Software Quality Assurance (QA) manager / software tester will always be deployed where the testing of explicit programs is concerned, you will find employment primarily in software forges or related companies. A company that has its own software department is also a potential employer. You can also work independently as a Software Quality Assurance (QA) manager / software tester, as software testers are increasingly needed. But then you are dependent on the special benevolence of your customers and should have a corresponding degree of specialization.

Career and salary of a Software Quality Assurance (QA) manager / software tester

The amount of your starting salary as a Software Quality Assurance (QA) manager / software tester depends on various influencing factors. According to the corresponding salary evaluations, you can earn at least 1,800 euros a month, but of course - especially with larger and well-known companies - you can get a lot more. In this regard, you can assume that you can sometimes - depending on the company - earn up to around 2,500 euros gross per month. With the work experience you have gained, your income as a Software Quality Assurance (QA) manager / software tester also increases. In this regard, the IT industry attaches particular importance to the fact that you can use all test tools practically and that quality assurance enjoys priority in your work. Then, after a few years of professional experience, a gross salary of between EUR 2,700 and EUR 3,500 per month should be realistic. In a top position, you can later earn up to 9,500 euros in salary per month.

What specializations and alternatives are there for a Software Quality Assurance Manager?

Testing software is an important part of software development. Some alternatives to the Software Quality Assurance Manager are shown here: