Immigrants condemn their children

USA: Bishops condemn rigorous “zero tolerance” immigration policies

The government actually has a duty to prevent the separation of young children from their parents and the associated trauma, according to a statement by the US Bishops' Conference this week. It strongly condemns the controversial practice of family separation. Securing the borders is important, says the conference chairman, Cardinal Daniel DiNardo. However, separating very young children from their parents is "immoral" and cannot be an answer.

As a reaction and a sign of the protest, the US bishops want to send a delegation to the border to get an idea of ​​the situation, it said at the spring plenary meeting of the bishops' conference. This should examine the conditions under which children would be detained at the border. Likewise, within the framework of canon law, one wants to think about the consequences for those who implement the controversial practice on site.

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions had justified the rigorous practice applied in the context of border security with a quotation from the Bible. "I would like to refer to the Apostle Paul and his clear and wise instruction in the Letter to Romans 13 that the laws of government must be obeyed because God set government up for His purposes," he said at an event in the state Indiana.

In May, the Justice Minister had proclaimed a "zero tolerance" policy against people who cross the Mexican border illegally and apply for asylum at the border. Washington also has the separation of illegally immigrated parents from their children as a "deterrent" policy Criticism from the UN, which the United Nations sees as a violation of human rights.

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