What is positive x-axis

Rational numbers in the coordinate system

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In these explanations you will learn how to deal with a coordinate system that also includes negative numbers.

The quadrants of the coordinate system

The two coordinate axes divide the drawing plane into four quadrants (i.e. four fields).Even if you don't draw a point, you can tell from the sign of its coordinates in which quadrant the point lies. P (x / y)

A point in the coordinate system

A point in the coordinate system is described by its x-coordinate (also called x-value) and its y-coordinate (also called y-value).All points are named with capital letters (A, P, R, T, ...).

Reading a point

If you want to read off a point, think of the point as two straight lines that run parallel to the coordinate axes. You can read off the x and y values ​​of the point where the straight lines intersect the coordinate axes.