What are the 78 tarot cards

Tarot: The meaning of the 78 cards at a glance

A tarot deck consists of 78 cards, the meaning of which results from the question and the interpretation of the colors, figures, objects and symbols. In addition to the 22 main cards, there are 56 cards assigned to the four rows of staffs, swords, coins and goblets.

The meaning of the tarot cards - major arcana

The 22 main cards are also called trump cards or the major arcana. When interpreting the tarot cards it is important that it is about you, your question and your point of view. So the same cards can make a completely different sense to someone else. The following meanings are therefore to be understood as a suggestion.

  1. The magician: This card represents courage, creativity, a thirst for adventure, a new relationship and a new job.
  2. The high priestess: It stands for the inner voice, the soul, intuition and inspiration.
  3. The ruler: Love, feelings, fertility and pregnancy are the meanings of this card.
  4. The ruler: In contrast to the ruler, the ruler stands for the father figure, the masculine, vitality, strength and growing up.
  5. The Hierophant: This card is also called the Pope, Master or High Priest and expresses the moral, religious and traditional.
  6. The loving ones: This is about love, longing, partnership and decisions.
  7. The car: The victory car expresses success and a new beginning.
  8. Force: This card stands for vitality, joie de vivre and enjoyment.
  9. The Hermit: The hermit can be interpreted as a withdrawal from everyday life, meditation, divine or cosmic forces.
  10. Wheel of Fortune: The wheel of fortune indicates a new phase of life or a change in perspective.
  11. Justice: It is about taking stock, making a judgment or a decision or accepting a result.
  12. The hanged man: The hanged man stands for a (faith) test and a new perspective.
  13. Death: Death stands for the end of a phase of life, for a new beginning and a transformation.
  14. Moderation: Facing transience, reconciliation and the right measure are possible interpretations of this card.
  15. The devil: The devil is about selfishness, sexuality, addiction, attachment and magic.
  16. The tower: This card, also known as lightning or house of God, represents liberation, important events and energy.
  17. The star: The star stands for clarity, transparency, truth and beauty.
  18. The moon: The moon expresses longing, dreams and the state of mind.
  19. The sun: The sun means happiness, confidence, carefree, fulfillment and warmth.
  20. Dish: This card represents revelation, resurrection, and detachment from the past.
  21. The world: The world symbolizes our spiritual home, inner peace, but also the awareness of limits.
  22. The fool: The fool expresses indifference, independence and breaking out of compulsions.

Minor Arcana - row of bars

The 56 cards of the minor arcana are divided into four rows: staffs, goblets, swords and coins. The row of sticks represents the element of fire and generally stands for energy, creativity, power, commitment, identity and success.

  1. King of Wands: This card represents willpower, ambition, authority and a leader, but also for the man of your life.
  2. Queen of Wands: It stands for trust, security and warmth as well as for openness and virtue.
  3. Knight of Staff: It shows energy, readiness for action and immediate action.
  4. Jack of Bars: It symbolizes thirst for action, thirst for adventure and departure.
  5. Ace of bars: This card stands for birth and a new beginning, but also for creativity and energy.
  6. Two rods: Contradiction, addition or two possibilities are possible interpretations of the map.
  7. Three rods: Going new ways and realizing goals, that's what this card stands for.
  8. Four rods: They stand for creating clarity, being open and contributing one's identity.
  9. Five rods: This card indicates a challenge or competition that requires a lot of energy.
  10. Six bars: They stand for victory, recognition and the harmony of strengths and weaknesses.
  11. Seven bars: This card is about overcoming moral constraints, envy and discouragement.
  12. Eight bars: They express the harmony with nature but also a state of limbo.
  13. Nine bars: Reduce fears, admit the many possibilities you have and fulfill your wishes, that is what this card expresses.
  14. Ten bars: They stand for responsibility, a life's work and a higher level.

Row of Chalices

The row of cups represents the element of water. It expresses the unconscious, feelings, moods, meaning and meaning as well as joy and sadness.

  1. King of Cups: It stands for passion and tenderness, but also for maturity and sentimentality.
  2. Queen of Chalices: It symbolizes honesty, wisdom and gentleness.
  3. Knight of Chalices: This card expresses idealism, inspiration and harmony of knowledge and feeling.
  4. Jack of Cups: It stands for a friendly gesture and for a tangible event such as a marriage proposal.
  5. As of chalices: The card expresses festivity, growth and fertility.
  6. Two cups: They stand for an important encounter and for clearing feelings.
  7. Three cups: The card expresses gratitude, recovery, happiness, and fulfillment.
  8. Four cups: They stand for finding your way out of a crisis, processing something, gathering yourself back together and orienting yourself.
  9. Five cups: They mean loss, sadness and disappointment, but also a new beginning.
  10. Six cups: This card stands for enjoyment, joy, memory and nostalgia.
  11. Seven cups: Raising yourself and reaping the success you deserve, that's what this card expresses.
  12. Eight cups: You stand for taking stock, freeing yourself and going your own way.
  13. Nine goblets: Fulfillment, graduation, relaxation and joie de vivre are possible interpretations of this card.
  14. Ten cups: They stand for the state of desireless satisfaction, for energy, happiness and joy.

Swords series

The row of swords symbolizes the element of air. The cards stand for knowledge and insights, for decisions and assessments, for the spiritual, for freedom and for learning.

  1. King of Swords: He is the representation of reason and intelligence, of law, politics and severity.
  2. Queen of Swords: It stands for independence and loneliness, for justice and understanding.
  3. Knight of Swords: It clarifies logic and arguments, criticism and rethinking.
  4. Jack of Swords: It symbolizes news and plans, but also stands for espionage and observation.
  5. As of swords: This card shows clarity, triumph, and exaggeration.
  6. Two swords: On the one hand, they stand for conversations and discussions, on the other hand, they also stand for becoming aware of the unconscious.
  7. Three swords: They can stand for understanding and reason, but also for separation and lovesickness.
  8. Four swords: Take a break and organize your thoughts, this is what this card calls you to do.
  9. Five swords: They stand for defeat and failure, but also for a turning point and for learning from the past.
  10. Six swords: A meaning of this map can be to free oneself from constraints, to reorient oneself and to break out.
  11. Seven swords: They stand for going your own way and freeing yourself as well as for unusual ideas.
  12. Eight swords: They symbolize dependency, external control and bias.
  13. Nine swords: They express that fear and arguments should be ended.
  14. Ten swords: They stand for the end or a low point, but also for a detachment from the past.

Coins Row

The coin series embodies the element earth. It stands for the body, nature, for products and material things, for practical things and for work.

  1. King of Coins: This card embodies a successful businessman, possession and enjoyment, but also jealousy.
  2. Queen of Coins: It also illustrates prosperity, but also calm, nature, healing power and fertility.
  3. Knight of the Coins: It stands for hard work, diligence and perseverance as well as responsibility.
  4. Jack of Coins: He embodies a gift or an offer.
  5. As of coins: The card stands for contentment, prosperity and wealth.
  6. Two coins: Paying more attention to things and shedding light on all aspects of a possibility, that's what this card stands for.
  7. Three coins: They stand for talents, for work and vocation as well as for business.
  8. Four coins: Financial security and material need for security are possible interpretations of this card.
  9. Five coins: They stand for poverty, need and suffering.
  10. Six coins: Balance, relaxation and luxury can be interpreted with this card.
  11. Seven coins: Surprises or signs from the past need to be interpreted with this card.
  12. Eight coins: They stand for productive work and success.
  13. Nine coins: They express hidden talents and the results of creation.
  14. Ten coins: This card symbolizes practical skills, contribution to the world, and stability and security.

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