What are some ideas for Photoshop projects

Workspace Basics

To return to the home screen from anywhere while editing a Photoshop document, click the home screen icon () in the options bar. To exit the home screen, just press the Esc key. On the home screen, the following tabs and buttons appear on the left:

Home: Click this tab to open the home screen.

Learning Resources: Click this tab to open a list of the basic and advanced tutorials in Photoshop so you can get started using the application.

Lightroom Photos: Click this tab to access your synced Lightroom photos and import them into a Photoshop document.

Cloud Documents: View a list of all the cloud documents saved in Photoshop, whether they were created on the iPad or on the desktop in Photoshop. For more information on cloud documents, see Photoshop Cloud Documents | Frequently asked questions.

Deleted: Here is a full list of the cloud documents that you deleted. You can restore the documents or delete them permanently.

Create New: Click this button to create a new document. You can create a document by choosing one of the many templates and presets available in Photoshop.

Open: Click this button to open an existing document in Photoshop.