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Power Rangers: Review of the film at ProSieben

A new film should inspire a new generation for the "Power Rangers". Five teenagers need nothing less than to save the world.

Action • April 23, 2021 • 8:15 pm

Feels like they belong to the 90s like Eurodance, Diddl mice and tattoo chains. But while these trends at least temporarily disappeared into oblivion, the "Power Rangers" were never really gone. The series about the youthful world savers reinvented itself again and again. Season. Four years ago, the series was again adapted for the cinema under the simple title "Power Rangers". On ProSieben, the film reboot from 2017 will now be repeated at prime airtime.

The fact that the Power Rangers are a phenomenon of the 90s is immediately refuted in the film - albeit in a slightly different way: Already when the dinosaurs were trudging across the earth, extraterrestrial rangers were defending the life-giving Zeo crystal inside the planet against the mighty witch Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks, "The Hunger Games" series). She once belonged to the heroes' troops until her hunger for power made her evil personified. Now, 65 million years later, the space witch was able to free herself from the wet grave into which she was once banished by the dying red ranger Zordon (Bryan Cranston, "Breaking Bad").

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The task of protecting the world from this deadly threat falls to five teenagers: ex-high school football star Jason (Dacre Montgomery), ex-cheerleader Kimberly (Naomi Scott, Disney's Princess Jasmine in the "Aladdin" remake of 2019), technology freak Billy (RJ Cyler), daredevil Zack (Ludi Lin) and the eternal "newbie" Trini (Becky G). Kids who quite by chance stumble into the age-old Power Rangers spaceship, which is hidden deep beneath their small town. They have eleven days to become a combat-ready unit that can take on Rita Repulsa, her stone army and the huge demon Goldar.

Director Dean Israelite ("Project Almanac") fails to find the right tone for his $ 105 million production. It is true that they try to reach those who spent their Saturday mornings with the spandex suit wearers with various allusions. But overall, the film is clearly aimed at a new "Power Rangers" generation, whose sense of humor the makers do not really understand. So they opted for a middle ground that is never really serious and never really funny, and trusts that the target audience won't roll their eyes when the heroes go into battle in slow motion to the pathetically swelling soundtrack.

Power Rangers - Fri. April 23 - ProSieben: 8.15 p.m.

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