How do you travel

Anna, why are you traveling?

I can't remember my first vacation trip. I was eight months old when my parents took me to Greece for the first time. With a dark blue VW Passat and camping equipment we drove from Central Hesse through what was then Yugoslavia to the Peloponnese.

I learned to walk in Sardinia and made my first attempts to swim in the Mediterranean. My parents showed me early on that the world is bigger than the next place. Traveling has always been extremely exciting for me - and one of the most normal things in the world.

I never wondered why I was traveling. Until this question happened to me a while ago and made me wonder. Because that is neither easy nor quick to explain.

I travel because I have to cross borders every now and then, figuratively and symbolically. I don't just want to cross national borders. Traveling also allows me to step beyond the limits of my comfort zone. I'm one of those people who always wonder what it looks like around the next bend. I have to see new things, speak foreign languages, taste food that I don't know and leave my habits behind me from time to time.

Traveling is not always easy. A day of travel cannot be planned like a normal day. Lots of unforeseen things happen when you travel. This is what distinguishes traveling from vacation. Those who are on vacation want to relax, but with a breakfast egg and a sports show, please. Those who travel let the unfamiliar affect them in such a way that they change themselves.

Travel is freedom and non-commitment. I don't have to follow the clock. I have no appointments and no stress. I can do what I want and stay where I like. I can let myself go.

I like to explore foreign cultures and places, to discover the familiar in the unfamiliar and the unfamiliar in the familiar. I like the anonymity of strange places and to experience how they become familiar, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly.

I really enjoy being in the fresh air. But no matter how often I plan to do it: I don't get out at home as often as I would like. I would love to just spend whole days outside. I have to go hiking or camping from time to time, otherwise the blanket will fall on my head. I get creative in nature.

When I'm traveling, I don't even get tempted to turn on the television in the evening. Because I prefer to sit outside and soak up everything that happens and take notes in my notebook.

I like to see or traverse vast landscapes, rocks, mountains, deserts and seas and thereby experience how small and insignificant I am. That calms me down a lot. I like to see the sun rise and set in other places. That grounds me. That is mandatory.

I like to just be on the go because I can sort my thoughts best when the world around me is moving at a steady pace. For example, I can concentrate wonderfully on a train because the only distraction is the landscape that passes me.

I like the fact that, even after an incredible number of trips, I can still muster up enthusiasm for traveling and that no trip is like the other. I like that there will always be places that I have never visited. Nobody ever believes me, but I've never been to New York, for example.

Why are you traveling

Do you have other reasons that make you travel? Tell me why you are traveling I am really looking forward to your comment! Or email me a picture showing why you are traveling. I publish the most beautiful pictures on Facebook.

The picture for this article was taken in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park - a place where I felt so small as seldom before. There you can practically watch how the earth changes. The Kilauea volcano in the park has been erupting incessantly since 1983 and has changed the appearance of Hawai’i Island again and again since then. You can find more about the park and Hawaii in this article: Individually to Hawaii. Your guide for the perfect vacation.

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