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Career Launcher: Educators start online learning

Promote success with analytics
In addition to providing lessons that enable virtual face-to-face contact between teachers and students, the advanced capabilities of AWS enable analysis to improve the program and student outcomes. The solution tracks key indicators of student success and motivation to ensure that the needs of all students are addressed. Career Launcher also uses machine learning to generate insights that can be used to predict student performance. By analyzing students' results on practical exams, they can predict how they will perform on public exams, which are under tremendous pressure and affecting their future. Career Launcher can analyze a student's performance and suggest the educational pathway that best suits their needs. This predictive analysis can also help the educators in the content team. You can predict whether students will be able to answer certain questions on written exams.

Analysis will also be used to enable key stakeholders to assess the performance of the program. Using Metabase and Mongo charts built into their Amazon VPC, Career Launcher provides administrators, government officials, and educators with a range of metrics. With this approach, the coalition of education and technology partners can judge what works and what doesn't. They can share these data visualizations within their organizations, making sure that the best insights are brought to light. This will help evolve the service to provide students with the best possible learning experience.

For the future, Career Launcher is considering switching to C5 and R5 instances from Amazon E2C in order to take advantage of the 2nd generation of the scalable Intel® Xeon® processors. This could significantly improve the performance of machine learning algorithms with built-in AI acceleration, such as the Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions 512 (Intel® AVX-512).

A powerful platform for learning
The scalable performance of AWS enabled Career Launcher to provide specialized interactive features so that students can continue to study despite the less-than-ideal circumstances. Teachers now have new tools to stimulate learning and make the environment more exciting and fun. You can create educational games to keep study resources fun and keep students motivated during this difficult time. They can also create quizzes to teach subject matter and incorporate a wider variety of media into their lessons. You can now show video clips to make history class real and relevant, and play animations in biology class to make it easier for students to understand complex topics.

Project Aspiration 2020 paves the way for teachers to find new ways to interact with students. In large classes, a team of teachers supports the main teacher by interacting with students in chats to help them solve questions. This format also inspires students to contribute to the classroom in new ways. Teachers report that students who rarely answered in class appear active and motivated in the chat. One student, Lokesh Jha, described his experience as follows: “Graphics and animation make lessons more interesting. And there are tons of quizzes. Each of us is waiting for the teachers to draw our names when we answer the question. ”Jyotsna Davar, accounting and economics teacher, commented,“ All of my students enjoy these classes very much. They look forward to these classes. "

Schools can also use the platform to offer mentoring programs and career advice to students and parents. In this way, educators can improve the quality of education students receive because parents get involved in the equation and families get useful resources.