How much does a good wedding cost

Wedding costs: what does a wedding really cost?

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The cost of the wedding - a tiresome subject. Every bridal couple would of course want to plan a dream wedding without thinking about the dear money. But in reality, you need high financial resources, because your wedding should not drive you into debt. That would be yes not a good start into a marriage.

So it is very important to know exactly how much a wedding will cost at the beginning of the wedding planning, to set a realistic budget and thus to manage the money properly. Because well planned is half the savings!

So the first question that comes up: “What does a wedding cost?”. We'll tell you what you need to know about wedding costs and how you can keep an eye on the costs of the wedding.

Our article is divided into the following areas:

  1. What does a wedding really cost?
  2. What does a wedding cost in total?
  3. Everything under control: Wedding & honeymoon costs
  4. Wedding Expenses - Are They Ending?

So: what does a wedding really cost?

That depends on a lot of factors. It depends on how you celebrate and what demands you have. But at least with this checklist on wedding costs we would like to give you a little idea of ​​the scope in which it could move.

So that you don't wake up with an overdrawn account after your wedding, we have collected the following realistic estimates for the most important expenses of a wedding. And always remember: Anyone who compares the costs and duration of the celebrations when getting married will only be frustrated. The wedding is just one of the most expensive days in life. The sooner couples come to terms with it and enjoy the wedding preparation, the better.

Wedding costs for the basics

Come first Invitations and with it the complete stationery (invitation cards, church booklet, menu cards, place cards, guest book, thank you cards): approx. 600 €

Then the post Wedding car (if you want one), e.g. 300 - 800 € rent for a classic car.

Rings there are between 500 € and 2000 €, depending on the material and design.

Cost for one Dance class: 100 - 200 € (alternative: Online dance course or DVD).

Wedding dress costs for the cloakroom

Clothes for the bride (Wedding dress, bridal shoes, accessories, jewelry, make-up, hairdresser): 1000 - 3000 €

Clothes for the groom (Suit, shoes): 500 - 1000 €.

Civil marriage costs forthe yes word

The averageCivil marriage (Fees, family book, clothing, hairstyle and make-up, flower arrangements, meals with the closest family) is around 1000 €. Documents and formalities cost around 100 - 150 €.

Champagne reception After the wedding ceremony (sparkling wine, other drinks, pretzels) costs at least 3 € per person, depending on the size. With special sparkling wine and possibly even more extensive snacks, it quickly goes up.

Free wedding ceremony Costs for the individual wedding ceremony

The cost of one free wedding speaker are between 500 and 1000 euros. That varies greatly depending on the state and the scope of the desired ceremony.

Wedding menu costs for location & catering

TheWedding location costs an average of € 250-500, but this can sometimes be free if the owner takes care of the entertainment. But special locations can also cost more than € 2,000.

TheEat: For example, if we assume a classic wedding with almost 80 - 100 guests and have a menu / buffet for at least 35 € per person, that is 2800 - 3500 € just for the catering.

There is also one more wedding cake (approx. 150 - 350 €), drinks (15 - 35 € per person) and coffee and cake. So it's already around 80 € / person for everything. This corresponds to at least € 6000 for 80 and € 8000 for 100 wedding guests.

For the Flower decoration for the wedding You will have to pay about 600 € (bridal bouquet, men's badges, table decorations, flower decorations for church and car). But that is more of the lower price range.

Musical entertainment: cost DJ wedding

DJs there are already from 500 €, a good band from 1000 €. However, be careful with very cheap DJs. You can find DJs near you here.

Wedding photographer costs for the wonderful memories

With a good and professional Photographers you have to reckon with costs of 900 € to approx. 2500 € - depending on the scope of the photographic accompaniment. If you factor in the cost of the wedding and celebration (a complete wedding reportage), it is better to calculate from 2000 €.

Honeymoon cost

You should definitely in the cost statement wedding AND honeymoon plan on. The honeymoon can range from € 100 for a day trip together to several thousand euros for a long long-haul trip. The main thing is that the trip is not more expensive than you can afford it. If necessary, wait to see how much vacation pay you get and only then book the honeymoon. Until then, a minimoon will certainly suffice.

Wedding planner costs for advice and assistance

The cost of one Wedding planner are mostly based on the total wedding costs and make up about 10-15%. For a wedding for around € 10,000 that would be around € 1,000-1,500.

What does a wedding cost in total?

So how expensive is a wedding? A classic wedding will easily cost you between € 10,000 and € 20,000 within the normal budget with everything together.

The average: what does a wedding cost?

In Germany, bridal couples rate their wedding celebration on average 13.000. Approximately 60 guests are included, an appropriate location and that you don't have to do without any of the basics.

For comparison: In the US, a wedding costs average $35.000- so almost 30,000 (without honeymoon). And weddings over $ 80,000 are not uncommon there.

Why is “wedding” always more expensive?

Wedding planner Nina reveals why many things in the wedding sector are more expensive than “in normal life”.

Everything under control: Wedding & honeymoon costs

Last but not least, we would like to advise you to draw up a detailed cost statement step by step according to your existing wedding budget and to work through it in a disciplined manner. With this small checklist for your wedding and its costs, you will definitely keep an overview and avoid unpleasant financial surprises with the wedding costs.

Step 1: set the budget

Have you decided to get married? Then we congratulate you warmly! Because what can be nicer than this most exciting and romantic moment when the lovers say yes to a life together in love and loyalty?

To make your wedding celebration unforgettable and meet all of your wishes and expectations, you should plan it down to the last detail and take into account all the things that need to be organized. If you calculate the costs of your wedding and honeymoon well, you won't experience any nasty surprises.

But for that a plan has to be found - a budget plan!

Simply by setting up a cost plan for the wedding budget, you save 15-20% without the quality of your celebration deteriorating. This way you get a better overview and know exactly what is important to you and what is not. Our budget planner will help you with the cost breakdown for your wedding

Step 2: set priorities

Think carefully about what is important to you (e.g. wonderful wedding photos) and what you can shorten or delete if necessary (e.g. a chic wedding car can also be borrowed from friends). Honeymoons in Germany, for example, are becoming increasingly popular. However, if you have been dreaming of the Maldives for years, you should ideally treat yourself to it.

Step 3: consider a wedding loan

Your wedding day will never come back, so realize the things that are very important to you. Otherwise you will always be annoyed later about having missed it. You can find out more about whether and to what extent you should take out a loan in our article:

Step 4: save costs

If you calculate the costs and benefits against each other when getting married, you will get frustrated. An encouragement: Without a lot of effort (e.g. by buying a used wedding dress) you can save something here and there and that adds up. We have our savings tips for you here:

Wedding Expenses - Are They Ending?

To many couples it feels like all wedding expenses are twice as expensive just because they are for the wedding. So it can be worthwhile to look for a white shoe instead of the bridal shoe.

Our tip: Accepted the cost of the wedding and honeymoon are, after all, one-time. Sometimes you can "throw some money out the window" ...

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