Should be stowed away shirts

When to put your shirt in your pants - and how

Why are we talking about something so mundane?

Men have been tucking their shirts into their pants since they were five and now we come and want to know better?

Well yeah Take a look around. How many men do you see with baggy, unkempt looking shirts? Or what about the guy who subconsciously has to stuff his shirt three times during his lecture?

Most men have not developed a good system for tucking their shirts into their pants.

Just doing something every day doesn't mean you're doing it right.

In this article we want to show you how to do it properly. Because it's not difficult and with the right system your shirt tails will never flutter around again!

What should be plugged in and what not? 

An often debated question. Here are some guidelines.

Shirts with an even waistband are always worn over pants. But if the shirt has “tails”, i.e. the hem is different length at the front and back, you always have to tuck it into your pants.

Loose shirt tails are not a completely forbidden look, but a very youthful one. If you don't wear anything over the shirt, it will make you look like a rebellious teenager at an adult wedding.

If you wear a jacket or a suit over it, you look like you absolutely want to pass as stylish-disheveled without the necessary demeanor.

Some men still swear by the intentionally loose shirt - but with the tips tucked in you just look more dashing and grown-up.

If your shirt has no visible corners, you have a little more choice:

  • Vests you can always take it. If there is even the slightest chance that they could become visible, so must you. This works best when you tuck them into your underpants.
  • Polo shirts have an even hem and do not have to be tucked in. But a lot of men, especially golfers, pocket them anyway to look a little tidier. The long-sleeved variant, the rugby shirts, are always worn loosely.
  • Turtlenecks: If you wear a blazer or jacket over it, tuck it in so that your belt buckle remains visible. If you don't wear anything over it, you'd better leave it outside.
  • Hawaiian shirts And all other tops with colorful prints should never be tucked into your pants, no matter what the hem looks like. Nothing looks quite as silly as a tucked-in Hawaiian shirt. This also applies to guayaberas. Just let it be. 
  • T-shirts: Opinions differ here. In some circles you love the tucked-in T-shirt, in others you will look rather dumb with it. It also depends a lot on what kind of pants you wear, what your belt looks like and what the rest of your style says. But the rule of thumb applies: Don't put a T-shirt in your pants if you don't want to make a conscious fashion statement.

Do you need more advice? If you speak English, you can find out more here and here and here.

How do you tuck your shirt into your pants correctly?

The Art of Manliness

If you want to tuck your shirt into your pants, you should do it right, too.

A well tucked in shirt makes you look smooth and straight from the front. If your waist narrows under your ribs, you should be able to see it. It shouldn't wrinkle or protrude beyond the waistband.

It is also important that your shirt buttons form a straight line with your fly. Stand up straight and think of a line from your throat to your crotch.

In this line are the shirt buttons, the trouser button, the belt buckle and the zipper of your trousers.

The line makes you look optically more symmetrical and lets everyone else know that you have an eye for detail. Because if you don't have that, you always have a slightly sloppy shirt line.

Don't forget: a well-fitting shirt is always easier to tuck into your pants.

It's simple: the less superfluous fabric wafts around your waist, the easier it is to tuck the shirt away properly. A good shirt leaves just enough fabric to stow safely away. If the shirt is too short, it will slip out.

 1. The standard method

Most men put their shirts in their pants - and never think about it for long. Shirt in your pants, but over your underpants, stuff it down as far as you can.

So simple, so common. The easiest way to use the standard method is to put on your underwear, put on your shirt and button it up, then pull your pants up over it. And that works mostly flawlessly. If your pants aren't too loose, it will hold up.

Simple doesn't necessarily mean bad.

But a word of caution: this works well with matching, well-fitting shirts. If you have too much material left over, it will only turn into chaos.

2. The military method 

Members of the military put their uniform shirts into their trousers. The method creates two neat folds on the sides that are held in place by the pants.

The Art of Manliness

Different countries have developed different variants here, but the basic principle is always the same. Stand up straight in your shirt.

Grab the hem of the shirt on the right and left and pull the excess fabric into a diagonal crease - a bit like folding the nose of a paper airplane. Then you put these folds in your pants and fasten the belt over them.

Here are the step-by-step instructions again. Don't worry if it doesn't turn out well the first time. This method takes a bit of practice, but looks even better afterwards.

  • Have your pants on, but open. You will have to close them quickly when you have finished folding.
  • Take the sides of the shirt hem on the right and left between your thumb and forefinger. Pull them down to tighten the fabric
  • Fold the seams back. This will create a crease that should cover up any loose fabric on your sides. Pull hard enough to pull the front of the shirt tightly across your chest.
  • Button your pants and close your belt so that the folds are pressed firmly against your side. Depending on the amount of fabric, they should be somewhere behind your hips.

This method works best with stiff, smooth fabrics that easily retain a crease. Use them whenever your shirt is too loose and you have too much superfluous material to stow away.

3. The underwear method

The Art of Manliness

No, we are not telling you to tuck your best shirt into your underpants.

Not that that's not effective. But the chance that someone will later see the flowers on your boxer shorts is very high.

The underwear method just says that you have to tuck your undershirt into your underpants. This means that your shirt is between your underpants and your pants.

Believe it or not, this is very important if you don't want your shirt to slip during the day.

If you do it right, you will have your clothes on your body in the following order (outside in): undershirt, waistband of underpants, shirt, waistband of pants, belt.

And if that doesn't last, there are actually special underwear that hold your shirt in place.

4. Shirt wearer


Should none of that help: Yes, there are shirt straps. They look a bit like ... well ... pieces of female underwear, but they help. They are guaranteed to hold your shirt tight.

Basically, these straps are just elastic bands that attach the shirt hem to the socks. So put on your shirt, button it up, and then put on your socks.

Then fasten the "suspenders" to the socks and the hem of the shirt so that it lies straight but is not tightened.

The feeling of the rubber bands takes getting used to, but later you don't notice it anymore. And the shirt is guaranteed to look neat.

There are now a few other new products that can help with this as well. There are special underwear, belts with grip and even magnetic buttons that are supposed to hold the shirt in place. If you find a good one, you've discovered a real insider tip!


That doesn't work at all: The bans on shirts

Now you know how to do it right. But the list would hardly be complete without the deadly sins that you absolutely must avoid.

The half-cooked

Sometimes you see that with movie stars: the shirt is tucked into the back of the pants, but one of the sides hangs out at the front and flutters in the wind.

This is supposed to look kind of sexy and casual, but when you're not Brad Pitt it just seems like you can't get dressed.

The former

Once you've tucked your shirt into your pants, stick with it. If you later pull the shirt out of your pants, it will be unsightly wrinkled at the bottom. This is especially true for dress shirts. If you really want to be a rebel, then at least one who is well ironed from top to bottom.

The missing belt

If you tuck your shirt into your pants, your waistband will be visible. If your pants have belt loops, you'll need to wear a belt too. There is no way around it, unless you remove the loops.

So you see, it's not difficult, even if we keep seeing men who don't do it right. But just the fact that a bug is common is far from being an excuse.

And if you follow the rules, you will always look better and do better. Maybe the other person doesn't even know what looks so good on you. But it still works, guaranteed.