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Paintball clothing: beginners should pay attention to this

Many paintball beginners ask themselves what paintball clothing they need to play before their first match. You don't have to let the professionals make you nervous, some of whom look like soldiers from a Sonderkommando in their special equipment. To get started, you don't need expensive special equipment or any extraordinary extras. Here are a few tips on paintball clothing.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional: a protective mask is a must

Many beginners fear that a paintball hit is very painful. In truth, a hit with the gelatine balls just feels like a slight pinch, so that protective clothing for the upper body and limbs is not necessary. With the head, however, it looks different - a protective mask is an absolute must when it comes to paintball clothing, as the sensitive areas of the face such as eyes, mouth, ears and nose must be protected from hits with the color balls. If you are a beginner and want to play for the first time and do not have a mask, this is not a problem - you can usually borrow such protective masks wherever you can play paintball.

Paintball clothing: normal sportswear is sufficient

It is a misconception that you need special and unusual paintball clothing to play. First and foremost, your clothes should be comfortable and not restrict you, according to the operators of "Neon Paintball" in Hamburg on their website. Sturdy shoes are particularly important for a good grip. Most of the time, a pair of sports shoes already meets all of the criteria. Otherwise, you can adapt your paintball clothing to the weather. If you play in the open air, you should bring a thick sweater or vest - a jacket is of course also possible. In paintball halls, a normal T-shirt or longsleeve is usually sufficient. Your pants shouldn't be too tight. Tip: It is always advisable to cover the neck with a cloth or scarf, as a hit in this region can hurt a little more than in other parts of the body.

More information for beginners

When you go to play paintball, you should always have a change of clothes with you, as you are bound to sweat a lot. If you wear glasses, it would be a good idea to use contact lenses, as glasses may not fit under the protective mask and can easily fog up. Knee and elbow pads as well as fingerless gloves are not necessary, but can be worn. For women, breastplates are usually offered in paintball halls.

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