What colors mix to get green gold

How do I mix gold? - This is how it works with acrylic paints

The color gold is particularly expressive. But you can also mix them up - and how does that work? You can get answers here.

What you need:

  • Acrylics
  • brush
  • water
  • paper
  • Rag

Is gold a mixed color?

The variety of colors is endless. Among them there are shades that cannot be mixed - gold and silver are one of them.

  • These colors cannot be created in the conventional way, namely by mixing at least two colors. They are created by "juxtaposing" tones and metal effects. It doesn't matter whether you prefer water, oil or acrylic paints.
  • But you can try to get an "idea" of gold and experiment with certain color nuances. Do an experiment on paper.

How to get closer to a shade of gold by mixing

  1. Have some painting paper, brushes, rags, acrylic paints yellow, ocher, white, red and green ready. Put 2 glasses of water and a small mixing palette (including plates or similar) in addition.
  2. Mix a little ocher with the paintbrush and a little water to the color yellow and light up with white. Start with a drop and increase the intensity until the shade of gold becomes imaginable.
  3. Do a painting test on paper over and over again. Wash the brush out before each new pigment pick-up and wipe it off with the cloth. It is important that the colors remain pure.
  4. If you are not yet satisfied, you can mix in a touch of light gray, red and green. Experiment until you are closest to the tone you want.

The repertoire of the different acrylic paints is wide. Gold comes in warm, cold, dark, light and old tones. Depending on which manufacturing company you buy the paint from, it differs in temperature, expansion and expression. It is best to choose the quality that appeals to you the most and that suits your project - then the mix will succeed!

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