When and how do you create backups

Backup methods for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

With a backup, you can copy and back up the information from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. If you get a new device, you can use the backup to transfer your data to it.

iCloud backups

You can create a device backup with iCloud via a WiFi connection. You don't have to connect your device to a computer to back up using iCloud.

iCloud backups contain almost all of the data and settings that are stored on your device. The following are not included in iCloud backups:

  • Data already saved in iCloud, e.g. B. contacts, calendar, notes, iCloud photos, iMessage messages, voice memos, text (SMS) and multimedia messages (MMS) as well as health data
  • Data stored in other cloud services such as Gmail and Exchange mail
  • Apple Mail data
  • Apple Pay information and settings
  • Face ID or Touch ID settings
  • iCloud Music Library and App Store content (if they're still available from the Apple Books iTunes Store, App Store, or Book Store, you can tap these previous purchases to reload them)

Learn how to create a device backup with iCloud and how to manage iCloud storage or delete backups that you no longer need.

When you use Messages in iCloud, Health Data on iOS 12, or Voice Memos, your content is automatically saved in iCloud. When you turn on iCloud Photos, your content is also automatically saved in iCloud.

Backups from your computer

A computer backup of your device is not the same as a sync, but it includes almost all of your device's data and settings. The following are not included in a computer backup:

  • Content from the iTunes Store or App Store, or PDF files downloaded directly to Apple Books
  • Content synced from the Finder or iTunes, such as imported MP3 files, CDs, videos, books, and photos
  • Data already saved in iCloud, e.g. B. iCloud photos, iMessage messages as well as text (SMS) and multimedia messages (MMS)
  • Face ID or Touch ID settings
  • Apple Pay information and settings
  • Apple Mail data
  • Activity, health, and keychain data (you must use an encrypted backup in iTunes to back up this content)

Learn how to create device backups with your computer, how to find backups on Mac or PC, and how to delete backups that you no longer need.

Can I use my device backup for another device, such as an iPhone backup for an iPad?

If you restore a device from a backup of a different type of device, for example using an iPad backup for an iPhone, certain types of data will not be transferred. This content includes photos, messages, and attachments in messages, voice memos, and apps that aren't compatible with the device you're trying to set up. For example, apps that are only compatible with the iPad are not transferred to the iPhone.

If the devices use iCloud and Messages in iCloud, your iMessage, text (SMS), and multimedia (MMS) messages are automatically saved in iCloud.

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