Are you confused with your career?

Anja Krusel, 45, has been CFO at Microsoft Germany since January 2011, where many employees practice telework. Before that, she held various positions at Philips, most recently in the management of the German subsidiary.

Ms. Krusel, Yahoo boss Marissa Mayer has recently requested that all employees have a desk in the company again. Is the home office a thing of the past?

Krusel: Definitely not. At Microsoft, we see flexible work opportunities as a very important competitive factor. For many applicants, this is a decisive criterion for starting with us. For us as a company, it means higher employee satisfaction, lower fluctuation and higher productivity.

Is this especially attractive to women?

This flexibility is of course particularly interesting for many parents in the family phase. Not only do women benefit from this, but men are also increasingly using the flexibility to participate more in family life. However, if you mistake presence for performance, you will never be successful with such a model.

But it makes life more difficult for executives when the team is widely dispersed.

My boss, for example, is based in Paris, and I see him three to four times a year. There are many other communication channels that we use regularly, such as video calls and online meetings.

As a technology company, it will certainly be particularly easy for you.

First and foremost, it's a culture, not a technology issue.

How does remote work have to be designed for it to work?

Flexible working models and remote work require clear agreements. Only if the conditions are transparent and the goals clearly formulated can a trusting new work culture emerge.