Are you left handed

Left-handed checklist
Do you want to know if you are left or right handed?

Do you often use both hands? Or do you write with your right hand and do a lot of other activities with your left hand?
Do you observe the reciprocal use of the hands in your child?

With my checklist you can get an initial overview of the direction in which the handedness tends more.

Brief background information:
There is always a dominant half of the brain. And thus also a dominant hand. The hands are controlled crosswise by the individual halves of the brain. (right hand = left half of the brain) The hand with which the fine motor tasks can best be solved is called dominant. The other hand is the "holding hand". Writing is a high level of fine motor skills that should be performed with the dominant hand. If it is done with the "holding hand", the writing feels stiff and creates a lot of displeasure and generates avoidance behavior.

With this I want to make it clear how important it is to find out the dominant hand for sure. This is such an important process, especially for children who are learning to write, because writing with the "hold" hand can lead to various problems in development and especially in the learning and school context.

Try it. Test yourself and your child.
Sharpen your powers of observation for the "left-handed pointer".

Result comes after a week!
After a week I will send you the resolution. Then you can check which handedness you tend to be.
If you are not entirely sure, then have yourself or your child tested personally.

Your name and your email address are important!
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