Have you ever lost your patience

Behavior in the event of contestation

21 My child, if you want to be God's servant, prepare yourself for temptation.

2 Prepare your heart and stand firm and do not waver when it comes upon you.

4 Take care of everything that happens to you, and be patient with every new humiliation.

BecauseAs gold is through fire, so also those who please God are tried through the fire of tribulation.

6 Trust God, and he will take care of you; go straight ways and hope in him!

7 You who fear the Lord trust him, and your reward will not be lost.

8 You who fear the Lord hope for the best in him, hope for everlasting joy and grace.

9 You who fear the Lord wait for his grace and do not give way lest you perish.

10 Look at the previous generations and reflect:

11 Who has ever been ashamed who hoped in the Lord?

12 Who has ever been forsaken who has remained in the fear of God? Or who has ever been overlooked by him who called him?

13 For the Lord is gracious and merciful, forgiving sins and helping in times of need.

14 Woe to those who give up hope in God and do not cling to him, and to the wicked who stagger to and fro!

15 Woe to the despondent! Because they don't believe; therefore they are not protected either.

16 woe to those who have lost patience:

17 How will they fare when the Lord visits them?

18 Those who fear the Lord believe his word; and those who love him stay on his ways.

19 Those who fear the Lord do as he pleases;

20 and those who love him rejoice in his law.

21 Those who fear the Lord prepare their hearts and humble themselves before him, saying:

22 We would rather fall into the hands of the Lord than into the hands of men;

23 for his mercy is as great as he is himself.