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Over 200 different fine chocolates, truffles and pralines made from rare pure fine cocoa with up to 400 flavors are the result of our 100-year-old chocolatier tradition. A high percentage of cocoa is not the characteristic of a bitter taste, but the characteristic of an intense cocoa taste. Our dark fine cocoa chocolates ›Rausch Plantagen‹ are fine cocoa chocolates in their purest form made from cocoa and cane sugar. We consciously avoid additives of any kind. This gives our fine cocoa chocolates their unique and pure chocolate taste. Each of our ›Rausch Plantagen‹ has a typical and unique taste profile and combines a variety of flavors - from nutty or caramel to vanilla and berry. Whether you are a connoisseur or a novice: Order your favorite chocolate or your sample package online and convince yourself of our fine chocolate creations.

Chocolate from the factory in Berlin

Our handcrafted creations are created in the factory in Berlin. All compositions are based on high-quality fine cocoa from plantations in regions of origin along the equator. In times of abundance, it becomes harder and harder to find special gifts. Let yourself be inspired by gift ideas made from chocolate. At rausch.de you will find a wide variety of gifts for real chocolate lovers and every occasion: praline creations that are lovingly and masterfully handcrafted by our chocolatiers and original compositions with the finest chocolate, which is refined with ingredients of the highest quality. Highest quality, noble content and packaged with a special gift - with a greeting card and a high-quality gift box upon request. This makes it easy to buy chocolate online and send it as a gift.


One thing is decisive for the quality of chocolate: the cocoa. We purchase our fine cocoa directly from the plantations and maintain personal contact and direct exchange with all partners - cocoa farmers, representatives of cocoa cooperatives and Cocoa Board members from the regions of origin. We only achieve the best quality with pure fine cocoa. Their diverse, intense aromas are unique and shape the taste of pure, high-quality fine cocoa chocolate. Rausch is committed to the “Tree to Door” approach. We accompany the cocoa bean all the way from the cocoa plant on the fine cocoa plantations to the direct sale of the products to our customers. In addition, we do not use intermediaries and offer our partners regular training and further education, which means that our partnerships with cocoa farmers are direct, fair and binding and are based on great respect. Chocolate can only be as good as the ingredients it contains. That is why there is the Rausc purity law and the sustainable procurement of raw materials. All fine cocoa that we purchase directly carry the “Direct Trade” quality seal.


The Rausch family has stood for the production of high-quality and excellent chocolate creations with experience, care and innovation since 1918. As a traditional company, we are implementing our principles - never compromising on quality and continuously paying attention to sustainability - already in the fifth generation through our managing director Robert Rausch, together with his father Jürgen Rausch. It has been our vision for over 100 years to produce the best fine-flavored cocoa chocolates of the highest quality and to share our passion with chocolate connoisseurs and lovers.