What's your favorite Iron Man movie

Iron Man - Absolutely fantastic popcorn cinema

Our Favorite Film campaign shows that works from all decades and all stripes are revered. For example, a moviepilot user gives his heart to the blockbuster Iron Man.

My favorite movie is Iron Man. Many will moan, think of “mainstream” and “popcorn cinema” and dismiss the film as “comic book adaptation” and “fiction”. I cannot disagree. Iron Man is fiction, it is certainly also popcorn cinema and, as an action film slash comic film adaptation, is perhaps in the mainstream right now - but such attributes are not synonymous with a "bad film".

Iron Man's protagonist Tony Stark has it all: he's rich, looks good, is successful in everything he does and with women. And yet a humanist would not necessarily want to swap places with him at first, because Tony Stark is heir to an arms and armaments company that is at the forefront of arms manufacturers around the world thanks to Tony's work as a gifted inventor and arms engineer. Tony has to deal with allegations such as “blood money” wealth and “war profiteers” and explains to others and also to his own conscience that weapons can cause harm, but are a necessary means to an end to create peace. Tony quotes his father's motto here: "Peace means having a bigger stick than the other.", and is immediately unmasked by his counterpart as a sticks seller.

One day, however, Tony Stark's view of his actions and self-image changes when he is injured and almost killed during an attack by Stark Industries weapons in Afghanistan. He decides that he doesn't want to just leave the world with a death toll and ends arms production in his factories.

This starting point as a structure for a story is interesting enough in itself. Iron Man could also have been a political thriller that shows the intertwining of the arms industry and international politics, such as Lord of War - Dealer of Death. But Iron Man is a part of the Marvel comic universe and as such is not a political thriller, but the fantastic story about the development, decisions and actions of an individual who has to define his role in a larger structure.

Tony Stark decides to deviate from his previous path and fight the misuse of weapons in the world. In doing so, however, he avoids the hippie short-circuit No weapons mean no war ’, but creates a new philosophy for himself: weapons only in the hands of the responsible and trustworthy. And Tony Stark only defines himself as responsible and trustworthy for now. He developed a high-tech suit which, in its compactness, agility and destructive power, overshadowed everything previously seen in weapons. At this point, Iron Man inspires with innovative computer technology that sounds and looks like a future dream that is no longer too distant. The joy of fiddly engineering, when Tony Stark skilfully fine-tunes the details of the suit, is immediately transferred to the viewer, especially when Tony at some point checks the results of his work as a test pilot of the suit - he can of course fly - with a rocket-powered flight into the night and icy heights.

The story of and the technique shown in Iron Man is fantastic, in the sense of wonderful, but also in the literal sense of "thought up". But fiction is about exploring the possibilities of the not-yet-possible, looking at the what-if and overcoming the limitations of realism.

The character of Tony Stark appears credible at all times, his point of view and his development are understandable. It is his decisions and his actions that make Tony Stark more than the wearer and pilot of a high-tech suit: They make him the superhero Iron Man, who does not find it through magic, as an alien or through a genetic mutation, but through his mind and the work of his hands is possible to make a difference and do good.

Iron Man has it all: He conveys the pioneering spirit and enthusiasm for technology of engineering; shows the credible change in the protagonist Tony Stark, who continues to develop after his self-image has been shaken; reveals the necessity of morality in dealing with weapons and at the same time is never too morally laden and heavy, but, although thoroughly thoughtful, always light, lively and funny. Tony Stark's virtuoso way of dealing with technology and the twists and turns of his life always looks like the genius who overlooks chaos, even if it sometimes seems to overwhelm him. Fate comes to his aid a few times, as in any heroic story. Tony Stark's near-death experience reminds him of what it means to remain human in a technological environment, which is why he will later be able to master the high-tech suit and not be carried away by the seemingly limitless possibilities. He's asked himself what his legacy is supposed to be and he found an answer that I can look back at over and over again without losing the joy of Iron Man.

The brilliant and self-deprecating implementation of the character of Tony Stark by Robert Downey Jr. should not go unmentioned. After serious personal crises, Robert Downey Jr. has recovered thanks to his wife Susan Downey and is now making films such as Iron Man, Tropic Thunder and Sherlock Holmes.

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