Why do some people want a cat

Why don't cats want to be petted on the stomach?

The cat in this video seems to want to attract the attention of its owner by knocking on the door. In other cases, cats "knock" on walls, kitchen cabinets or other straight surfaces.

For Professor Emeritus Nicholas Dodman of the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University, this looks like the marking behavior that neutered males can still display. These males go through the entire choreography of marking: They approach a surface backwards, kick their legs and their tails twitch - only no more urine comes out.

Cats mark “often out of frustration or as territorial behavior,” says Dodman. Usually this happens in a place that is of "strategic importance" for the cat, for example on the edge of the territory or where their food is located.

There are also scent glands in the paws, but Dodman suspects that they do not play a major role in the marking.

Why do cats run around like crazy when the weather changes?

Every cat owner knows the famous "five minutes". These sudden bursts of activity can occur at any time and really only serve to get rid of pent-up energy that accumulates after all those long, leisurely cat naps.

However, some owners notice that these five minutes occur more frequently at the change of the season. Especially at the beginning of spring, when the windows are open longer, indoor cats, which are still real hunters at heart, are “stimulated by the presence of prey, new noises and new smells and literally go to the ceiling, for example over walls and curtains “Says Zoran.

Scratching posts and other climbing opportunities are a good opportunity for the cats to see the whole thing from above and to romp around a bit.