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Blue Monday - How to get through the most depressing day of the year

You generally don't like Mondays, but is it particularly bad today? Then maybe it's Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year.

Blue Monday meaning

As psychologist Cliff Arnall found out in 2005, Blue Monday is themost depressing day of the year. To calculate the exact date, he developed the following formula:

[1 / 8W + (D-d)] x3 / 8TQ: MxNA

Variables such as resolutions that have already been broken, the current Weather, the Motivation hole and the salary. Despite the formula, the day always falls on the third Monday in January. So if you meet a lot of bad-tempered people that day, it's not up to you. However, once Blue Monday is over, things will look up again for everyone.

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Monday blues

Nevertheless, it is always Monday that spoils our mood. After a far too short weekend, the alarm clock rang mercilessly out of bed on Monday morning.Demotivated, grumpy and tired we then sip our way to work. And we only want one thing: a Monday that is over quickly. This phenomenon is also called Monday blues designated.

Winter depression

In the dark and cold winter it is particularly difficult for us to get out of the warm bed in the morning. Some fall into a real winter depression at this time of year. The reason for this can be the persistent darkness and the few hours of sunshine be. Among other things, a vitamin D deficiency is not infrequently the result. In order to supply the body with sufficient vitamins, the DGE recommends at least 5 servings of fruit and vegetables a day to eat.

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Monday motivation

It is not Monday's fault that the beginning of the week troubles us every time. A US research institute even found that Monday is the most productive day of the week, just after Tuesday. No matter whether it's Blue Monday, Monday low or winter depression, with these 5 tips you will survive any low motivation:

Sunday is the day off

Everything starts with the weekend. Instead of going at full throttle for 48 hours, you should get yourself something too Allow yourself some rest. Also, avoid long evenings watching TV. Instead, snap up book or listen to an episode of your favorite podcast. Cook yourself one to go with it Cup of tea and bring down your body and mind.

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Create anticipation

The anticipation of something can literally catapult us out of bed. So why not look forward to Monday? Arrange a Lunch appointment with a nice colleague. Bring you fresh flowers for your desk with. Or cook something for yourself on Sunday Delicious treats for your lunch break on Monday. You will find that the joy of something beautiful makes you get up more easily in the morning.

No snooze button

We'd love to get 5, 10, or 20 minutes more sleep. This time can then be missed out in the back. Then we tip our coffee down at the rear table and rush to work. If you have a hard time getting up straight turn on the light or put yours Alarm clock at the other end of the bedroom. So you have no choice but to get up.

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A structured day

A structured working day can also be motivating. For example, by getting aTo do list you can tick off individual points and see exactly what you have already achieved. Write to you too smaller taskshow to empty the mailbox.

Sufficient breaks

Even if you have a lot to do at work, you should try to give yourself enough breaks. If you work on the PC, then you also need your eyes take a break from the screen. Looking out the window for 2 minutes from time to time can be enough.

Boost your circulation

At work, try to avoid sitting for hours at a time. Looking at the screen for hours can make you tired and lackluster. From time to timestand up, stretch or during the break the Stairs instead of the elevator can take your Boost your circulation and you alert and alert hold.

Our conclusion

  • The Blue Monday is themost depressing day of the year. It always falls on the 3rd Monday in January.
  • It is dark for a long time, especially in winter. Eat sufficient fruit and vegetablesso that your vitamin stores are filled.
  • Plan something nice for Monday and you will find it easier to get up in the morning.
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