In which city should I live

Where in the world should I live?

This test will advise you where on earth you should live. Our super intelligent computers will choose a country based on your personality.

All data used in this test are from Wikipedia and / or other authoritative sources.

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  • What kind of sex are you
  • What is your star sign?
  • What would you do if your air conditioning didn't work this summer?
    I would find someone to fix it! During that time, I would go to another location - a coffee shop, mall, or bookstore - to cool off there. I hate to sweat!
    I would just use my fan or just open a window.
    When I feel happy, I don't let the temperature affect me. It is also healthier if you sweat in summer!
  • What do you think of girls who wear mini skirts in winter?
    Nothing can stop a girl from dressing sexy - not even the stinging wind!
    It's crazy! They freeze until their legs break off!
  • You finally managed to get a vacation, but it rains all day, every day. How would you feel?
    I would be very disappointed and I would hope that the sun will come out and drive away the rain.
    Please sun, come out immediately! I want to go out and have fun!
    I don't feel like going out in the rain, but it's also nice and cool and comfortable inside - I'll just put my feet up inside.
    Yeah, it's raining. I can finally use my umbrella, which has a katana-like handle, and put on my pink rain boots!
  • What kind of scenic background do you prefer when taking photos?
    Arid desert in bright sunlight.
    Natural landscape with a blue background.
  • In which environment do you feel most comfortable?
    On a lonely island with a beach.
    On a farm where the closest people live 10 km away.
    In a city with friendly neighbors.
    Among a crowd in a big city, I don't feel lonely there.
  • How long could you be alone
    I get along well without a lot of people, especially when we don't have a personal connection.
    I like being alone, but sometimes it's nice to talk to friends too.
    I can't stand being alone for long; I need people around me all the time.
    I feel insecure when I'm alone; I like to be around people.
  • In the city, do you better remember certain directions if your favorite cafe or restaurant is on the way?
  • No matter which country you travel to, are you mostly hungry for burgers there?
  • If you could choose, what age would you most like to live in?
    The chaotic Middle Ages because, as the old saying goes: "Heroes arise in troubled times" I could have been one - maybe Robin Hood?
    The industrial revolution: because great ideas arise in turbulent times.
    In today's time of peace; a solid legal system gives me security.
  • Sometimes you walk alone at night and you have the feeling that you are being followed. What do you think:
    Maybe he just wants to ask me for directions.
    I would run faster to leave him behind.
    He must be angry! I am really scared! I will never take this route again!
  • Tom lives on a small island. He comes to school every morning by boat and is always late, to avoid this he should:
    He should move from the mainland; life on an island turns everything into a huge theater! And there are mosquitos there too!
    He should continue to live there and enjoy this great view - even if it gets boring to live by the sea every day.
    All together give up school and just enjoy the landscape.
  • Ancient cities were often founded next to rivers - a practice that aided navigation and architectural development. But besides these advantages, what other advantages are there nowadays to live in a city with a river connection.
    None at all. Rivers are not important for modern city life.
    Enjoy the benefits and joys of river life and fishing.
    Rivers bring us into contact with nature; they contribute to our well-being. And rivers make cities romantic!
  • How would you like to celebrate Christmas in summer?
    I would like what about santa sweating and delivering presents on the beach! Bring it on! Let's just celebrate Easter in autumn and Halloween in spring!
    I wouldn't care what time of year it was Christmas; I just wish it was summer all year long.
    Christmas is not Christmas without snow, sleighs and Christmas trees
  • Why do animals like kangaroos, koalas, and alpacas live in the southern hemisphere?
    Because they got out of the starting blocks too slowly; They didn't make it to the continents drifting north in time!
    I'm not interested.
    Because fewer people live in the southern hemisphere.
  • Which of these statements are the best?
    "We Are Born With Sin"
    "There is no God except Allah"
    "As man sows, he will reap. Only repentance can help him escape from karma." (73) "Nirvana is a spiritual realm without anger and ignorance. It can give you eternal peace and transcendence for life."
    "You can choose to believe or not. But don't bother me."
    "Nature is God; if not, then there is no God."
  • Which legend or story are you more interested in?
    Exodus, Noah's Ark and Adam and Eve
    How the Messenger of Allah sought the truth and went to Mecca.
    Ganesha, the limitless light of Vishnu and the myth of the fickle Shiva.
    Shakyamuni and Banyan, the white elephant with six teeth and the deer with nine colors
    The eight immortals, Buddah Jih and "The Lord of the Rings"
    I don't like legends or stories.
  • What is your opinion about the ocean?
    I don't like the ocean, the deep water makes me nervous.
    If the ocean were closer I would probably go, but it's not imperative that I have to go to the ocean.
    It's nice to go for a walk on the beach every now and then.
    I like being on the islands.
    I would like to retire to a lonely island forever.
    Believe it or not, I'm a real fish
  • China123112091501,417,263,414Welcome to the most interesting and most visited country on earth. China has the world's largest population and unique historical relics - including the world's longest wall. Https://
  • India2331020219911,360,530,883A rich mix of, well - everything! India is huge and has fascinating religions, 438 languages ​​and impressive architecture. History and culture have deep roots here. And the Taj Mahal is really bigger and more majestic than you can imagine! Https: //
  • United States13101200110327,794,153This vast country is not America of movies or television; it is multi-layered and multi-faceted. From its big cities to its wide prairie, from the Rockies to its reservations, the USA always manages to amaze you. 3.png
  • Indonesia232112112990268,004,670With 18,110 islands, Indonesia is the world's largest archipelago. Indonesia stretches on the equator between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific. If the jungle of Indonesia is too big for you, your wallet will be welcome in Jakarta and Bali. Https://
  • Brazil23101220110211,541,325Famous for its football and carnival, Brazil is the largest country in South America. Experience the vibrancy of São Paulo and the energy of Pernambuco, but don't forget that the unique rainforest of the Amazon awaits you. Https://
  • Russia02100200200143,934,102Russia covers one eighth of the inhabited surface of the earth and its most famous sights are in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Russia has many of the world's most famous museums including the Hermitage which has a sparkling and impressive collection. Https://
  • Japan13302209310127,038,937In the land of the rising sun, the past meets the future. The cities are high-tech, but sometimes you can still find wooden barracks next to luxury apartments. Japan has wonderful temples, landscapes and a constant juxtaposition of old and new.https: //
  • Mexico23210100201131,451,053This nation has wonderful beaches, archaeological landmarks and pyramids, as well as museums and haciendas. And then there are its cities - don't miss Mexico City and Acapulco. Visit the North to get off the beaten path
  • Philippines23301110310107,214,625Once you've taken in the vibrant Manila and scuba diving the coral reefs, move on to Tagaytay. Here, near the Taal Vuklan, the climate is cool, so it's no wonder that this is a retreat for many Filipinos who want to escape the teopian air. Https://
  • Vietnam 23311203299096,905,068 The 1960 war was one of many but the most brutal of them all. Ho Chi Minh City - formerly Saigon, is the economic center of the country. Visit Phan Thiet, 'the resort capital' with the wonderful beach of Mui Ne.https: // 10.png
  • Egypt21201101299099,375,741The Valley of Luxor; the temples of Abu Simbel; the palaces of Karnak; and much, much more. In Giza near Cairo, there is the Khufu pyramid, one of the ‘Seven Wonders of the World’ of antiquity, which the Great Sphinx casts an eye on. Https://
  • Germany1231220020082,293,457 Known for its precision mechanics and hard work, Germany is also admired for its ancient charm. Of the historic cities, Munich is a must. Don't miss out on trips to Berlin, ancient Bremen, Hamburg, Cologne and the picturesque Rhineland. Https://
  • Turkey2221010121081,916,871From the silhouettes of the domes and minarets in Istanbul to the Roman ruins on the coast, Turkey is magical. The best time to go to the beach is between May and October - go to Patara, it's amazing. Look forward to the hot sun, the friendly local people and the reasonable prices.https: //
  • Thailand2321020320069,183,173With its excellent cuisine, the tropical climate and the wonderful beaches, Thailand is really wonderful. Bangok is the busy, restless capital. Don't forget to go to the historic city of Ayutthaya or the ancient capital of Siam, Chiang Mai. Https://
  • France1221120021065,233,271France is one of the world's most popular travel destinations. Known for gastronomy - especially for wine - France's history, culture and fashion are the undisputed leaders. All you have to see is Paris, Versailles, the Riviera and the Loire.https: //
  • United Kingdom1330120020166,573,504The United Kingdom has a fascinating history and dynamic modern culture - both of which enchants the world. Although Britain no longer rules the oceans, London's Westminster feels like Britain still has a lot of power. Https://
  • Italy1330110021159,290,969With a varied landscape, Italy can stand as a witness of the mountains of the Alps and Apennines. Central Italy exudes history and art. Let Rome show you the wonders of the Roman Empire and let Florence transport you back to the Renaissance. Https://
  • South Africa22101120299057,398,421 Cape Town is South Africa's mother city, which reflects the dreams of the country and where Table Mountain towers over everything. The Atlantic and the Indian Ocean meet here at Cape Agulhas where the ‘Garden Route’ enchants. In the north, the ‘Big Five’ of wild animals roam around. Https://
  • South Korea0331110921051,164,435Visit Seoul's stately palaces; Among them is Changdeokgung, where the past is within your grasp. On Korea's popular Jeju Islands, you can experience the eerie underground lava tubes. The traditional cuisine, the music and the dance - you can't escape it. Https://
  • Spain1221210020046,397,452Europe's exotic Spain is laid back with lively music, folklore and festivities everywhere. Visit beautiful Madrid, the architectural wonder Barcelona or the bull race in Pamplona. And don't forget the moving cities of Seville and Granada.https: //
  • Ukraine0220120021044,009,214The political situation in Ukraine is still unstable - especially in the eastern, Russian-speaking areas. In the west there is European architecture and food to be enjoyed. Kiev is the beautiful capital, not least because of its orthodoxy and baroque heritage. Https://
  • Kenya2320011010150,950,879There is a risk of terrorism - especially in some cities. But the miracles have no end in Aberdare National Park. Over 250 species of birds and impressive mammals keep each other company here. Meanwhile, Lake Nakuru can resemble a sea of ​​pink flamingos. Https://
  • Argentina2311122011044,688,864Buenos Aires has 48 districts, also called ‘Barrios’ - of which La Boca is the best known. Tango began in the suburbs of this romantic city. For skiing or hiking, visit San Carlos de Bariloche at the foot of the Andes.https: //
  • Poland02202200199038,104,832Take plenty of time for Krakow; the cultural capital of Poland was even the capital of the country in the Middle Ages. The tragic Auschwitz is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visit the Karkonosze National Park to see the Schneekoppe and other wonders. Https://
  • Algeria22101101199042,008,054There is a risk of terrorism, especially in the desert and rural areas. Visit Algiers, with the Kasbah old town, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and experience the gleaming bay of Algiers. Near Batna, you can explore the Roman ruins of Timgad and the huge gorges of Ghoufi.https: //
  • Sudan20100101199041,511,526Touring Sudan outside of Khartoum, Omdurman and the north is dangerous. But witness how the blue and white Nile merge between Khartoum and Omdurman. The Omdurman Souq is a special highlight here. Https://
  • Canada0210220021036,953,765Montreal is the cultural heart of Canada's Francophone culture, so take your time to stroll through Old Montreal. In Vancouver, you can both enjoy the beach and go skiing in the same day. And don't miss out on Niagara Falls. Https://
  • Morokko22201101299036,191,805Casablanca is a popular starting point. The historic medina and the huge mosque are highlights. Marrakech offers the best of old and new: explore the souks and ruins. The Djeema El Fna at dusk is not to be missed. Https://
  • Afghanistan11200101099036,373,176 Traveling in Afghanistan can be very dangerous, so plan carefully. Take a look at the magnificent tiles of the Blue Mosque in Mazar-e Sharif and then hike through the Panjshir Valley - the route to the Anjuman Pass. The 5 turquoise lakes of the Bande-e-Amir National Park are enchanting. Https://
  • Peru2310121010132,551,815In Lima, the historic center awaits you with the Plaza de Armas and the Plaza San Martin. Immerse yourself in pre-Columbian culture - you are in the center of the Inca Empire. And in Chavín de Huántar, since 900 BC, the history of the Incas has been preserved. Https://
  • Saudi Arabia2010100111033,554,343Here are the holy Muslim cities of Mecca and Medina, to which every Muslim should make a pilgrimage once in their life. Visit the ruins of the Nabataean city of Mada'in Salih, and go to Abha - the king's mountain resort. Https://
  • Malaysia23211211299132,042,458 Go directly to Old City; it is the heart of Kuala Lumpur which contains the historic Chinese commercial center. The ‘Pearl of the Orient’, Penang, is the island with excellent cuisine and a lot of colonial heritage. Https://
  • Taiwan23312204299023,694,089Taiwan is much more than a country's high-tech industry; 69% of the island consists of magnificent mountains. There are excellent beaches and national parks - many of them with hot springs. Take the time to visit the former and historical capital of Tainan. Https://
  • Australia1310222020024,772,247Most of Australine consists of geological wonders and parched outback ’terrain. Relief can be obtained in the cosmopolitan cities of Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. And on the Pacific coast of Queensland, the world's largest coral reef awaits you.https: //
  • Ivory Coast2321011011024,905,843The old capital, Abidjan, remains the administrative center and states maintain their embassies there. and nations maintain their embassies there. From the 1970s to the 80s, Yamoussoukro was lavishly built on the site of the then president’s ancestral village. Is this the world's oddest capital? Https: //
  • Madagascar2310122920026,262,810 Since Madagascar was long isolated from its neighboring continents, this resulted in a unique mix of plants and animals - especially lemurs. There is no real tourist infrastructure in the capital Antanarivo; That is probably why “Tana” is so attractive. Https://
  • Sri Lanka23301113299020,950,041Take a train to Sri Lanka's cultural capital, Kandy. The Temple of the Tooth is a famous relic of the Buddha. The conical mountain is known for its "sacred footprint", a rock formation near the summit. Https://
  • Romania1220220010019,580,634Transylvania is best known for its medieval castles and cities; also dark forests and snow-capped peaks. Then there is the Vltava; discover historic cities, medieval castles and churches. You can also swim on the Black Sea coast of Dobruja.https: //
  • Chile1210212021018,197,209Chiles ribbon-like shape - 4,300 km long and an average of 175 km wide - maybe you will experience a very varied climate there. Viña del Mar is a beach highlight of the South Pacific and also the snow-capped Chilean Andes.https: //
  • Netherlands0230220020117,084,459With over 16 million people in an area of ​​41,542 km², this is a very densely populated country. The Netherlands has a wealth of cultural heritage and is famous for its painters, windmills, clogs, plains and beautiful Amsterdam.https: //
  • Belgium1331220011111,498,519Belgium has a very high rate of urbanization and an astonishing number of cities. Brussels, the official capital of the EU, has historic buildings, museums and galleries. Visit Bruges, the “Venice of the North” and its medieval center.https: //
  • Greece2220120030011,142,161Athens was a provincial village until it was elected capital of Greece in the 1830s. A city was built between ancient classical ruins of the area. And all are at the core of classical Greek civilization.https: //
  • Czech Republic1220220001010,625,250 Prague's cobbled streets lead to cathedrals, medieval buildings and the city's 9th-century castle. Almost undamaged by World War II, Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Next you can visit Olomouc, a 1000 year old university town. Https://
  • Somalia2110011120015,181,925Somalia is currently a dangerous war zone. Fortunately, Somaliland is relatively safe at the moment. Hargeisa, the capital, is a cosmopolitan city, with a rich cultural history. Coastal Zeila is a historic port city that is full of mosques and quaint colonial buildings. Https://
  • Portugal1220220021110,291,196Portugal is 900 years old and in all this time it has always kept its borders. In the capital of Lisbon, discover Alfama's medieval tangle of streets and alleys. Next up is their glamorous and inexpensive beach that is very clean. Https://
  • Haiti2330110030111,112,945, with the notable exception of Labadee, travelers should be encouraged to stay in this oppressed nation. And yet this land on the island of Hispaniola is consistently fascinating. Find time to leave the capital for beautiful beaches at Cap-Haiti.https: //
  • Bolivia2110122001011,215,674The country was named after the independence fighter from the 19th century. Simon Bolivar. Today 60% of the population are indigenous. Visit Madidi National Park, it has a range of ecosystems - cloud forests, tropical forests and lowland savannas. Https://
  • Hungary122122000009,688,847The capital, Budapest, is known as the “Paris of the East” and is of huge architectural importance. In District I, you can explore an old castle, the fisherman's bastion, the Matthias Church and the labyrinth. Go east of the Danube to experience today's 'happening' in Budapest. Https://
  • Sweden121021002119,982,709Stockholm is the beautiful green and watery capital of Sweden. The old town, Gamla Stan, is a good place to start. Across the sea to Gotland for a vision of the Middle Ages. Go see old farmland and see stark differences in church architecture. Https://
  • Belarus021012000009,452,113Belarus was one of the most developed republics of the former Soviet Union, but Brest has the closest ties to Western Europe. Parts of the city are Polish in character and generally in a western style - the Brest Orthodox Church, for example. Https://
  • Dominican Republic2330120021110,882,996 Here in the eastern two thirds of the Caribbean island of Hispaniola, in the Bay of Samana, most of the people are. Why? As many report that it is paradise on earth. And if you can tear yourself away from it, head south into the Enriquillo Valley.https: //
  • Azerbaijan1120120109909,923,914 Here in Azerbaijan, the Caspian Sea near Nabran should be chosen as a holiday resort. Known for its ancient forests and healthy mineral springs, you will love the beaches and the tasty sturgeon grill. Later you can relax with a tea in one of the beautiful parks Khachmaz.https: //
  • Honduras232001002119,417,167Discover the ancient Mayan ruins and relax on the Caribbean coast of Honduras. And beach islands, pristine beaches and beautiful coral reefs. Visit Copán to see some amazing pre-Columbian art. Https://
  • Austria122022000018,751,820The Austrian Alps are a winter sports wonderland and full of musical heritage. It is not surprising that so many great composers moved to Vienna. You can find traces everywhere - Haydn and Mozart and the impressive legacy of Beethoven and Schubert.https: //
  • United Arab Emirates202010012119,541,615Dubai is one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates - perhaps it is the most advanced. A desert city with an excellent infrastructure, Dubai has liberal politics (in regional comparison), and has stood out for its luxury shopping and tourist facilities. Https://
  • Switzerland123022000018,544,034Switzerland is known for its alpine slopes, but it is also a land of calm lakes and rolling hills. There is a car-free village near the towering Matterhorn called Zermatt. It's totally beautiful, but it has its price. Https://
  • Hong Kong (China) 2331110359907184Hong Kong Island is the site of what was once a British settlement. Here are the skyscrapers and the city's financial center. Head to Kowloon for more fun; enjoy a chaotic mix of shopping malls and fragrant grocery storeshttps: //
  • Denmark122121003005,707,251Vikings are irresistible. Roskilde is their old town; see his ship-exhibiting museum and the cathedral. Copenhagen is a metropolis with great shopping, culture and nightlife, but it's small enough and intimate to be easily explored. Https://
  • Finland021021002105,542,517Helsinki in summer is when city and nature are perfectly balanced. Highlights are the Senate Square, the two cathedrals, museums and coastal town walks. And in Finland to the north you can reach the midnight sun - it makes everything seem timeless. Https://
  • Singapore233022144005,791,9011819 Founded as a British trading colony, Singapore has become one of the world's most prosperous countries. This garden city-state has a tropical climate, excellent cuisine, great shopping centers and a very vibrant nightlife. Https://
  • Norway021021003105,353,363Visit the former capital city of Bergen, known for its Norwegian forests, picturesque buildings and atmospheric mountains. This is the gateway to the western fjords. Mighty glaciers await you in the Sognefjord, Flåm and Nærøyfjorden - a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Https://
  • Lebanon133002012014,853,516Beirut, its outskirts and other parts of Lebanon are fairly safe; but check. The peninsula city of Tire has beautiful clean beaches. Fine Roman architecture is also there, including the world's best-preserved remains of a hippodrome.https: //
  • Costa Rica232012102114,953,199Costa Rica Central Pacific Region has excellent coffee and great national parks. For one of its most biodiverse environments, head down to the South Pacific. Here in the tropics you can see the exotic flora and fauna and beautiful secluded beaches can be found. Https://
  • Ireland122022002014,803,748The Republic of Ireland is your romantic, literary destination. The capital Dublin has some beautiful Georgian buildings and lots of pubs. How about a literary pub crawl? Walk the cobbled paths of Joyce, Behan, Beckett, Yeats and Flann O'Brien.https: //
  • New Zealand131022203104,749,598Nature beats anything in New Zealand. Tour of the national parks and other out-of-the-way places - many dramatic films played here. Small town of Wanaka is full of atmosphere, has two lakes and leads to the magnificent Mount Aspiring National Park.https: //
  • Croatia132021003014,164,783Down on the Adriatic Sea, explore the walls of Dubrovnik on foot. It has emerged as a tourism gem since the 19th century. See spectacular architecture, sculpture, churches, monasteries and museums. From here you can make more trips to other Croatian wonders. Https://
  • Puerto Rico233011002113,659,007Here in the northeastern Caribbean is the islands of Puerto Rico; an unincorporated territory of the US. Inland from the beaches and fish-rich coral reefs, the rainforests are home to parrots and coquis - Puerto Rico's tiny but noisy tree frogs. Https://
  • Uruguay231022202013,469,551 "There is an old Guarani proverb that was uttered by natives here: 'River of colorful birds." Uruguay "which means today Punta del Este is considered the Monaco of South America." It has beautiful beaches, great surf - and a vibrant nightlife. "
  • Armenia122012000102,934,152As a former Soviet republic in the Caucasus region, Armenia has a rich culture. You will be reminded frequently that this is the world's first officially Christian country. No wonder, its beautifully situated monasteries are an attraction. Https://
  • Albania1220120129902,934,363 "Trees and mountains surround the capital Tirana; climb Mt Dajt for great views of the city. Berat is one of the oldest cities in Albania. It is called the" City of 1001 Windows "because of its unique Ottoman Albanian architecture known. "
  • Lithuania1220120119902,876,475Lithuania has a proud tradition of regional dialects, stories and folk songs. Everyone can hear the Curonian Spit on the Baltic Sea peninsula. A fascinating UNESCO World Heritage Site - here you will find white sandy beaches and ancient ethnic villages to enjoy. Https://
  • Mongolia0110110309903,121,772Nomads still live here in the vast Outer Mongolia. West of Ulaanbaatar, in the Orkhon Valley, Khar Balgas 8th century unfold before you. Then visit the ruins of Genghis Khan, the capital of Karakoram. Feel the heartbeat of the empire.https: //
  • Slovenia132021002112,081,260Old cities of Slovenia have Baroque and Roman architectural influences. Ljubljana, the capital, was founded in Roman times. Travel to Škocjan and go to Europe's highest cave. There are eleven chambers; in the silence you can hear mumbling in the Holehttps: //
  • Cyprus112011003001,189,085Mediterranean character of Cyprus is enhanced by its citrus and olive groves. Protaras is the lively city that stretches along Fig Tree Bay - one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. In winter you can even go skiing on the Troodos Mountains.https: //
  • Fiji23201220310912,241Fiji is an archipelago of 332 islands, of which about 110 are inhabited. The two main islands are Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. Where to choose Try Nadi, the Coral Coast, Denarau Island and the Mamanuca Islands.https: //
  • Solomon Islands23100110301832,347 east of Papua New Guinea there is a specific archipelago: the Solomon Islands. Coral reefs and numerous World War I wrecks make it ripe for exploration. Te'Nggano is the largest freshwater lake in the South Pacific; avoid the swamps on the western edge
  • Luxemburg13302101011590,321 The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg stands at the crossroads of Germanic and Latin cultures. It is the second-smallest of all the European Union’s nations. Notre-Dame Cathedral and the Grand Ducal Palace are in Luxembourg-the capital’s central medieval quarter.https: //
  • Maldives23302011501444,259 The Maldives are an archipelago of 1,192 glorious coral islands; they're grouped into 26 Indian Ocean coral atolls. Here water clarity is superb for diving; all the better for watching powder-blue surgeonfish - one of the most common reef-dwellers.https: //
  • Iceland03102200211337,780 Although 10% of Iceland is covered by glaciers, it has a surprisingly mild climate and countless geothermal hot spots. Iceland is beautiful, enjoy the landscape, Iceland is famous for it, the daylight varies drastically from season to season.https: //
  • Dominica2320110040174,308Dominica is known as 'The Nature Island of the Caribbean' and due to its spectacularly varied flora and fauna. Morne Trois Pitons National Park includes attractions such as Boiling Lake, the Freshwater Lake, Boeri Lake and Middleham Falls.https: //
  • Monaco1230210051038,897The Principality of Monaco is a small city-state on the Mediterranean Sea. Here you will find historical and modern attractions to enjoy - museums and palaces; Shopping malls and casinos. Walk through Monaco-Ville, a medieval village with hearts and amazingly picturesque.https: //
  • British Virgin Islands (UK) 2330210040 117,411 The British Virgin Islands comprise 60 Caribbean islands and reefs, approximately 43 of which are uninhabited. The majority are steeply volcanic islands; including the main islands of Tortola and Virgin Gorda. Enjoy coral reefs, beautiful white sand beaches and historic villageshttps: //
  • Anguilla (UK) 2320200041 115,045Anguilla is a small island nation in the Caribbean. Here are some of the best white sand beaches in the world; you can snorkel or dive to see Anguilla coral reefs or look out from a glass bottom boat
  • Cook Islands (NZ) 1310232040017,411Named after Captain Cook who sighted them in 1770, the archipelago has 15 islands that are inhabited. Among the volcanic hills of the southern cooks, your destination is the islands of Rarotonga and Aitutaki. Say hello to shallow, warm, turquoise waters; Coral and tropical fish. Https://
  • Nauru2330111051011,312Nauru is a remarkable tropical island in the South Pacific. Welcome to the world's smallest independent republic! Relax on the beaches at Anibare Bay, or swim in Buada Lagoon. This is the only freshwater lake on the island - breathtakingly picturesque. Https://
  • Falkland Islands (UK) 021011203002,922The Falkland Islands are two main islands and hundreds of smaller ones in the South Atlantic. Come in the summer between October and March to take in the sights of this world-famous place. Its bird and marine species are amazing. Https://
  • Spratly Islands230011135100The Spratly Islands are an archipelago of 100 tropical islands in the South China Sea. All are owned by several governments in the region. You can land on Layang Layang and go straight to the diving resort
  • Paracel Islands230010095010These 130 coral islands and reefs are located in the tropics of South China. Snorkel or dive to see the best of the reefs. They are the reason why Woody Island was opened to tourism in 1997.https: //
  • Wake230030095110 The International Date Line is only a few hundred miles west, this beautiful island in the Pacific Ocean is temporally ahead of most of the world's countries. So, it doesn't matter what time you start diving - you will always be early! Https: //
  • Navassa230020095010 It is difficult to get to this Caribbean island because apart from the fact that there are no airstrips, there are also no ports! Offshore anchoring is the only option. Access to Navassa is dangerous; authorization from the USA Fish and Wildlife Agency is required before entering the island. Https://
  • Bouvetinsel000021294100Bouvetinsel is an uninhabited volcanic island in the Southern Ocean, south-southwest of Cape Town. Bouvet seems to be the most remote island in the world. The closest land is Antarctica - over 1,750 km away! Https: //
  • Bouvet Island000021294100-9 PopulationBouvet Island is an uninhabited volcanic island in the Southern Ocean, south-southwest of Cape Town. Bouvet is thought to be the remotest island in the world. The nearest land to it is Antarctica - over 1,750 km away! Https: //