Can my blog make money from traffic

Earning money with your own blog - sources of income for bloggers

The most important thing about blogging is having fun. Nevertheless, many bloggers would certainly find it not bad if a little (or even more) money came in.

On this page you will find a list of sources of income for bloggers.

Earn money with your own blog

Earning money with your own blog is not that difficult. The sources of income that I present on this page are particularly suitable for bloggers.

I run a few blogs myself and can now make a living from blogging. Even if this is not possible overnight, here are some ways to earn money with your blog yourself.

I will go into the advantages and disadvantages of the individual sources of income and give tips from my own experience.

Earn money by writing

For bloggers, it makes sense to make money writing articles. There are some providers that make this possible.

Providers such as Rankseller * or RankSider *, on the other hand, rely on the fact that the texts also contain backlinks to the clients. This makes these providers more lucrative, but you also have to live with the risk that Google will steal it and possibly cause trouble. However, most providers now also offer that you only accept orders with nofollow links and thus work in a Google-compliant manner.


  • You earn money with what you love to do best: writing.
  • Whether a product review or a travel report. There are always very interesting writing assignments.
  • If the topics are appropriate, the paid articles don't look like advertisements.
  • This source of income works very well even with relatively few visitors.


  • It's not a permanent source of income. One always has to write new paid articles to generate income.
  • Follow links in paid articles make more money, but that also brings with it some risk as Google doesn't like to see it.

Earn money with just a few clicks

The easiest way to earn money with a blog is definitely Google AdSense. Once installed, Google optimizes the advertisements independently. You don't have to do anything anymore.

Money is made every time a visitor clicks on an AdSense ad. In this way, I can collect up to 1,000 euros a month.

Unfortunately, there is currently no real alternative to Google AdSense. Adiro * comes from Germany and offers a slightly different concept (in-text advertising), but does not have as large a reach and number of advertisers as AdSense. Still, it's worth a look.


  • Installed quickly and easily.
  • Automatic adaptation of advertising to visitors and content.
  • Fast and reliable payout.


  • Revenue per click varies greatly depending on the topic.
  • You need a good number of visitors to make it worthwhile.
  • Under no circumstances should you click on the AdSense links yourself or actively encourage readers to do so. Otherwise you will be thrown out of AdSense.

Earn money with product recommendations

Many bloggers write, among other things, about products, describe their experiences and report on news. It makes sense to give product recommendations to your own readers.

With the help of so-called affiliate marketing, one can earn money with product recommendations. You simply register with a suitable partner program and then add special affiliate links or banners to your blog.

If a reader clicks on it and then buys something in the shop in question, the blogger is credited with a commission.

There are a number of providers. Many different partner programs can be found in the German affiliate networks SuperClix *, Belboon *, AdCell * and Zanox *.

But there are also a large number of individual partner programs, e.g. from Amazon, * or *.


  • Participation in affiliate networks and partner programs is completely free.
  • Affiliate marketing offers high income opportunities.
  • There is also an affiliate program for almost every product.


  • Your own visitors should show a certain willingness to buy products.
  • You have to test something to find the right product recommendations for your own readers.

Rent or sell links

This source of income is very simple and lucrative. Links from other websites are still very important to get high on Google. That is why many website operators buy or rent backlinks in blogs, among other things.

Providers like backlinkseller *, SeedingUp * or Linklift * mediate paid backlinks. You simply register there for free with your blog and you will then receive offers. If you then build these links into your blog, you will earn good money.

Link rental is more lucrative in the long run, as you get money every month as long as the customer books the link.


  • Installed very quickly and easily. No further maintenance.
  • Very lucrative. A single paid link can bring in 30, 40 or more euros per month.


  • Since Google doesn't like to see this, you shouldn't overdo it or make it public.
  • You should be aware that there is a certain risk in using this source of income, as Google may penalize you if you know it.


Placing advertising on your own blog usually only makes sense if you have a larger readership.

Nevertheless, this can be worthwhile, also because there are now providers who specialize in blogs.

Providers such as, or offer the possibility of integrating advertising in your own blog relatively easily and making money with it.


  • Register Einkach for free, add PHP code to the place where the advertising banners should appear and that's it.
  • With a lot of traffic, this can be a good source of income.


  • You need a lot of visitors for banner advertising to be worthwhile. You usually get less than 1 euro for every 1,000 page views.
  • Sometimes you only have a limited influence on the advertising that is displayed.

More advanced sources of income

If you are already a little more experienced and have higher traffic on your blog, you can fall back on other worthwhile sources of income.

This includes, for example, your own products that you sell on your blog. Particularly popular here are eBooks that you create to match the topic of your own blog and then sell.

Another option is direct marketing. This means the direct rental of advertising banners to companies. This saves you the middleman and earns more. I have already published an extensive free e-book for this purpose.

Membership sites are certainly one of the most lucrative sources of income. Here you offer high-quality content for money. However, you need a certain expert status and a wide range for this.