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Corona location: Harz district

As of May 20, 2021, 12 noon, a total of 30 positive corona test results have been reported to the district health department.

This concerns one person from Ballenstedt, five people from Blankenburg, five people from Halberstadt, one person from Ilsenburg, two people from the Nordharz community, two people from the town of Oberharz am Brocken, one person from Osterwieck, four people from the World Heritage City of Quedlinburg, four people from Thale, two people from the Vorharz community, two people from Wernigerode and one person from the ZASt.

In the Harz district, a total of 8 556 people have tested positive for the corona virus since the outbreak of the pandemic. There are currently 494 cases of Covid 19 diseases. The number of new infections in the last seven days (223) per 100,000 population is 104.54 (the calculation does not include today's cases, as more cases could be reported later in the day). There are currently 806 people in quarantine.

Unfortunately, three more deaths have been reported to the health department. Three men aged 47 to 83 who tested positive for the coronavirus have died. The number of those who died in the district in connection with COVID-19 thus rises to 269.

On May 19, 1,845 people received their first vaccination and 105 people received their second vaccination at the vaccination center in the Harz district. The total number of vaccinations in the Harz district are published by the Ministry of Social Affairs and were not yet available at 12 noon.

Second vaccinations with Astrazeneca - Shorter interval to the first vaccination is only possible in consultation with the family doctor

There are currently more and more cases in the vaccination center in which people have to be sent away despite the vaccination appointment, because of the Hotline 116 117 Appointments for the second vaccination with Astrazeneca with periods of less than nine weeks for the first vaccination can be assigned.

In this context, we refer to the specific Regulations from the resolution of the 94th Conference of Health Ministers dated May 6th, 2021, which states:
"The doctor who vaccinates as part of the standard care (family doctor) is free, in consultation with the person being vaccinated, to determine the interval between the first and second vaccination within the period of between four and twelve weeks for the individual vaccination schedule after approval."

In the vaccination center of the Harz district, vaccinations are carried out according to the recommendations of the SIKO and accordingly the second vaccinations are usually carried out after 12 weeks.

Citizen phone:

For general questions about the corona situation in the Harz district, citizens are asked to call the district administration's telephone number. OfMonday till Thursday are the staff in timefrom 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. andfriday in the time of8 to 14 Clock under03941/59 70 55 55 reachable.

Citizens can email their questions to the health department atSend [email protected]

All important information is available under the following link:


Relief for vaccinated and convalescent people

Certificates for those who have recovered
There is a change in the procedure for issuing certificates for recovered persons by the health department. From now on, no more applications have to be submitted. All those affected automatically receive a certificate from the health department.

(Source: District of Harz / Press Office May 12, 2021)