Should I try to get into TJHSST

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With wit, charm and cleverness, T.J., Mikey, Vince, Spinelli, Gretchen and Gus show the adults that nobody can fool them when it comes to the big holidays.

Because what should be a lazy summer is developing for T.J. and his clique for a cool action adventure of a special kind. Strange things are going on in the school building: evil crooks and ninjas ready to fight guard the entrance, scientists tinker with secret laboratories and laser beams are beamed into the sky.

The cool kids quickly find out what's going on here: The unscrupulous ex-director Benedict wants to abolish the summer vacation! Of course, this must be prevented! And soon T.J.'s plans for the secret mission, which has only one goal: Save the summer vacation!

The cult animated series is finally taking the big screen!


The laboratory is remote in the desert. Satellite dishes look up at the sky, barbed wire fencing the property. Scientists and security guards bustle around the site and in the rooms crammed with high-tech devices. It's all routine. But suddenly something unexpected happens: Sinister, dark-clad men storm into the headquarters. The burglars quickly switched off the guards, dismantled a lot of technical equipment and transported it away on large trucks. The destination of their cargo: the elementary school on Third Street ...

T.J. and his friends have no idea of ​​any of this. During the long break, they romp around in the school yard, play ball and hack pranks. Today everyone is particularly high-spirited: It is the day before the summer vacation, and from tomorrow the world will be theirs. That's why T.J. The lecture of headmaster Prickley didn't matter today either: The imaginative rascal had provided all his schoolmates with free ice cream that the always bad-tempered teacher Miss Finster wanted to get out of school. Fed up with his problem child's pranks, Prickley gives T.J. a stern reprimand. But the ringing redeems the boy: Holidays! The school year is over.

High-spirited and satisfied, students and teachers leave school. Together with his friends Gretchen, Spinelli, Vince, Mikey and Gus, T.J. down the streets, making plans for the summer.

Can there be anything better than hanging out with friends for days, playing and doing nonsense? But nothing seems to come of it: the friends meekly confess that they will all spend the summer in different holiday camps.

Vince wants to learn better baseball, Gretchen has signed up for an astronaut camp, the stout Spinelli will train as a catcher over the summer, the skinny Gus wants to endure a bit of drill in a military camp, and Mikey wants to go to a summer camp for Singers whip up their vocal cords. And everyone will leave tomorrow! T.J. is shocked - should he spend the whole vacation alone in the city? Little does he know that he may have the most exciting summer of his life ahead of him ...

T.J. is angry. It seems like he was really left all alone. The city is empty, the playgrounds deserted, the cinema closed. Only the nerd Randall, Miss Finster's favorite pupil, is besides T.J. still in town. Should he spend his time with him? Bored and in a bad mood, T.J. through the streets.

But as he drives past his school, he notices something strange: the roof of the gym opens and a green laser beam shoots into the sky. Funny - actually all facilities and buildings of the school are closed during the summer vacation. T.J. look more precisely! But a grim bald man chases the boy off the school grounds.

Of course, that really piqued T.J.'s curiosity. He lies in wait and watches what is going on in the school. Scientists have set up a laboratory and trucks are constantly rolling in and delivering materials and technical equipment.

And when it was T.J. if he succeeds in sneaking onto the school grounds, he witnesses an exciting experiment: the scientists blast a heavy safe with their green stuff - and make it float loosely in the air. T.J. is confused. He has no idea what this experiment is for. All he knows is: the guys who mess around in school have nothing good on their mind!

T.J. desperately tries to get help. But his parents believe that fantasy played a trick on their son. He is also laughed at by the police. Only Prickley wants to take a closer look at the matter. He's a little pissed off that T.J. haunted and disturbed the golf course, but as a headmaster you have duties after all. Together with T.J. Prickley makes his way to Third Street. But when he tries to unlock the building, it pops and flashes, and Prickley disappears from one second to the next without a trace.

Now T.J. only one way to find out the secret at school: he needs the help of his friends! With a little trick he "persuades" his older sister Becky to drive him to the various holiday camps, and it doesn't take long before he has alerted Gus, Mikey, Vince, Spinelli and Gretchen.

The friends watch the goings-on together - but at first they can't see anything strange. Even Headmaster Prickley strolls the grounds like nothing has happened. Only when they are almost on their way back to their summer camps does the roof of the school open and a huge satellite dish emerges. When another huge green beam shoots into the sky, T.J. the proof he needs. His friends believe him.

The friends quickly forge a plan to keep an eye on the school. With little tricks they sneak out of their camps and lie in wait in the evening. T.J. takes care of the catering. The adventure begins! As T.J. sees Prickley a second time on the school grounds and finds out that it's just the grim bald man in disguise, one thing is certain: The first thing to do is to have T.J. & Co. save their headmaster.

But the friends are also watched. The nerd Randall noticed that they were monitoring the school and of course he promptly alerted Miss Finster. And just as the kids start school to save Prickley, the teacher and Randall are on their heels. But unlike T.J. and his friends, the chubby Miss Finster tries in vain to get into the school through the small window.

Friends hear voices through a ventilation shaft. They crawl carefully through the narrow metal tube in the direction of the laboratory. And here the first part of the secret is revealed: The mastermind behind the strange action is Prickley's predecessor, the former headmaster Benedict - an evil, mean would-be educator whose career was more important than the well-being of his students. At this moment a sensational test is running: Benedict has the moon bombarded with a tractor beam in order to throw it out of its orbit!

But the test does not go quite as expected. Benedict is pissed off and is about to send his chief scientist into the dungeon when the ventilation shaft breaks and the children slam on the laboratory floor.

T.J. and his friends are discovered! The kids frantically try to flee from the guards. But it seems hopeless - in addition to the scientists and security guards, Benedict has even hired a whole army of ninjas. But the friends actually manage to outsmart the bad guys. T.J. is not so lucky: he falls into the hands of the villains!

Benedict has the boy locked in a storage room. Headmaster Prickley is also being held here. Now the two have a lot of time to speak out. Because Prickley knows what villain Benedict is up to: In the sixties, the two were best friends. Benedict was the youngest headmaster in the country, Prickley a young teacher full of ideals.

But his friend and supervisor only had his career in mind: In order to get the students to study more and thus raise the grade point average of the elementary school on Third Street, he even wanted to abolish the long break! Even his relationship with the pretty young Miss Finster had been abandoned by Benedict because of his career. And when Prickley thwarted his boss's plans and was appointed headmaster himself, Benedict swore vengeance ...

T.J. and Prickley to break free. They cautiously sneak through the hallways of the school - but Benedict is able to capture them a second time. And now he reveals his whole, terrible plan to them: With the help of the tractor beam, the villain wants to throw the moon out of its orbit when it is closest to earth. This would throw the earth's weather system out of joint and bring about an eternal ice age over the country. T.J. and Prickley realizes: This time Benedict not only wants to abolish the long break, but also the summer vacation - no vacation without summer! And it seems like the villain is going to win this time ...

But Benedict did the math without T.J.'s friends. In the meantime, Gretchen, Spinelli, Vince, Mikey and Gus have called T.J.'s sister Becky and their comrades from the holiday camps for help. Everyone is ready to fight for their vacation. Even the shy Gus grows beyond himself - he leads the storm on the school.

The time is running. Only a few minutes until moment X. The kids attack the villains with depth charges and paint pistols. First the guards in front of the school are incapacitated, then those in the building. T.J. and Prickley do everything they can to thwart Benedict's plan. With combined forces, the children manage to switch off the electricity and thus turn off the juice for Benedict. But the darkling has thought of everything - he has an emergency power generator.

The final confrontation occurs in the laboratory. And it looks bad for the kids. After fighting like lions, Benedict's guards keep them in check. The villain seems to have won. But then the students get help from an unexpected source: Miss Finster has alerted the entire teaching staff - and they don't want to spoil their holidays either. With united forces, students and teachers are now fighting against the villain for their well-deserved summer vacation ...