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Computer technology - service and repair

Successful participants report

With a distance learning course at the Weber Distance School, many have already acquired new qualifications. Read for yourself how our previous participants judge:

More chances on the job market

»... wanted to say thank you again, I've been working as a commercial data collector through a temporary employment agency at SNT Germany in Potsdam since December 16, 2010. From April 1st, 2011 I will be given a permanent position at SNT Germany in Potsdam as a customer service representative in the technology area. In this way I can prove or contribute my specialist knowledge. Thank you for everything; if you would like a copy of the employment contract, I will be happy to send it to you. "
Thorsten Krassnig, Berlin

»In retrospect, I would like to thank you for the very good documents and the course. At the moment I am trying to improve the service intervals and the PCs (at least in my department) in my company. Only through cleaning and better cooling was I able to lower the temperature on the processor by an average of 15 degrees. What got many people thinking. Since I can now show a certificate as a service technician, I am also taken seriously. I didn't succeed before. "
Philipp Rott, Vienna, Austria

“As an employee in the office, I'm now responsible for minor repairs. An expensive company does not always have to be commissioned directly; this also reduces downtimes. In day-to-day office life, the PC is the number one work tool, and without it, operations stand still. Possibly I will register a trade in order to earn something on the side. I have already successfully carried out some repairs among friends. However free of charge. "
Marc André S., Siegen

»I started my own business in July and have already completed a number of assignments. My area of ​​responsibility is the installation of multimedia systems in the living area, purchase advice, the sale of PCs and peripherals as well as the installation, maintenance and repair of hardware and software. Network service and data recovery are also part of the scope of the on-site service. "
Ralf Jersak, Bad Segeberg

»It was an important decision for me to choose the“ PC Technology ”course at your correspondence school. What was originally, or still is, a hobby should now be my new job. ...
My unemployment, which has lasted for over 3 years, will most likely come to an end through my studies. I was promised a job in the PC industry. "
Wolfgang Schauer, Seeheim

»I teamed up with a“ fellow sufferer ”and founded a business for computer technology, service and repair as well as software development and web design in Binz on Rügen. Together we cover almost all areas of this industry - even as lecturers, we are on the way to local educational institutions. Since I am actually a technician with body and soul, my main task is the service area and so I am out and about almost every day with private customers, law firms, hotels, etc. However, without my distance learning I could have "skidded" with you sometimes .. . I like to use the 18 lesson units and, above all, the troubleshooting manual again and again as a reference work in my daily professional life. "
Andreas Bissel, Altenkirchen

»After I had successfully completed the course, I then started my own business in a sideline. I now mainly offer services such as repairs, PC tuning, and above all "PC on-site service". With great success, because people mainly want cheap, fast and, above all, good service. You can only offer this if you have a correspondingly good education. And that's what I got at the Weber Distance Learning School with the "Computer Technology - Service and Repair" course. "
Stephan Pospich, Mörlen

»I can now confirm that further training through a distance learning course is worthwhile. Although my course has not yet ended, I was able to successfully apply for a position in support at an IT service provider in Munich. "
Gerhard Kindl, Augsburg

»Since I successfully completed the computer technology course, I've been responsible for the entire administration of the in my company. Now I'm going to do the Internet specialist course. "
Roland Hesse, Stuttgart  

»During my studies, I did several internships in various companies. In one position, the HR manager was delighted with my participation in this course. After completing my exam, he offered me a full-time position in the IT department. Now I can put what I learned into practice there. I now look after 5 servers and around 50 workstations. That keeps me very busy! Without this course I would reach my limits pretty quickly. I am glad I did this course. "
Thomas Reinhard, Igensdorf

»Since June 20 I am a member of the “Office Communication / PC” working group of the Main Association of Commercial Employers' Liability Insurance Associations. Tasks: Installation of hardware and software, user support and error analysis. The certificate from the correspondence school, with the final grade of "very good", helped me a lot. "
Werner Henrichs, Hennef 

»As a result of my participation and the very good graduation (grade: very good) in the computer technology - service and repair correspondence course, I have had professional success. I have received the title of Senior Technical Chef at the company and will be used for training and further education. Not a bad success at 62! And what's even better, I can wish for another technology course. "
Johann Vierthaler, Rednitzhembach

»I have registered with the Tintensparmarkt as a partner and now have my own homepage (http://www.albrecht.tintensparmarkt.de). Since I not only sell hardware related to printers, but also other PC hardware, I can take on an advisory role in technology and handling or if the customer is in lives nearby, lend a hand yourself to eliminate any technical and theoretical problems. I am currently in the process of completing two more private homepages in PC technology (support, hardware and software, forum, etc.) in order to be available to customers with words and deeds. For me, the correspondence school deserves the top grade with a star because it does everything it can to help participants achieve success.
1. The documents are written clearly and understandably.
2. Participants are supervised by highly qualified teachers.
3. Any problems will be eliminated in no time.
One could enumerate this list further, but I simplify it with the following statement, which I mean really seriously: You can recommend your institute with a clear conscience with a lot of praise to your future participants, which I will definitely do with banners , Documents, word of mouth; because with you you are in good hands. «
Thomas Albrecht, Nümbrecht

“I successfully completed the course some time ago. Today I am the owner of Cosmosoft OG and would like to thank you. Without this course, I would not have made the switch from locksmith to computer technician so quickly. "
Darko Lukic, Wiener Neustadt

Career advancement and higher income

»Since 01.09. a new position as system and network supervisor at the Abendzeitung in Munich. The diploma was judged positively at the first interview. "
Raimund Erny, Munich

“I would very much like to express my thanks and appreciation for this course. The curriculum was varied, very interesting and extensive and it was a lot of fun to learn. I would like to inform you that my American colleagues were also very impressed by the scope and content of the teaching material, which I would like to send you as praise.
Hans-Thomas father, Ingelheim«

Get out of unemployment

"... I would like to inform you that this course gave me a job. I was one of four applicants. When I showed my boss one of your lesson letters, I was hired on the grounds that anyone who bears such expense and effort is also willing to learn something. "
Wolfgang Rausch, Finsterbergen


The originals of these letters from course participants and many hundreds more can be viewed at any time at the Weber Distance Learning School.


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