What is something inspiring for difficult times

Why difficult times are the basis for joie de vivre and fulfillment

Do you know that? Everyone is talking about happiness, fulfillment and meaning and you don't know what to do so that the joy of life finally comes into your life?

Maybe you are like me and you find that in the past few years you have tried too often to meet other people's expectations and to meet the demands of the outside world. And now you notice that you felt responsible for way too much and lost all your energy and especially YOU yourself.

Strokes of fate can be opportunities.


In my case, my body finally pulled the emergency brake. Cancer diagnosis. Then functioning was over! Instead, there was fear of what would now happen to me. I was given appointments for biopsy, mammography and MRI - I was crying and lost in the tube.

At the same time, however, I also felt an unexpected calm and the question: What does cancer want to tell me? I have never seen him as an enemy, but accepted it as a task that I can grow with with happiness. Suddenly there was a strength in me that I would not have believed myself capable of. It was clear to me that I was thrown back on myself again and that doesn't feel so wrong at all. Having dropped out of all work processes and obligations, I noticed how often I had previously neglected things that could have given me energy. Now between all the operations there was time to clear your head in the morning in the city park, to sit under trees and on the sofa with the cat, to have good conversations, to meditate and to immerse yourself in new worlds of thought and realities.

In retrospect, it was one of the most intense and insightful times of my life, in fact I can say that cancer gave me my life back. He was the impetus for a realignment and the way to me. I took stock, uncovered beliefs and changed my view of myself, my past and the world.

Today I am happier and more grateful than ever before, also for all the people who have accompanied, supported and inspired me on my way.

No matter where you are now, don't give up, even if it looks like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Life has so many surprises in store for you.

Bad experiences and strokes of fate can also initiate changes that make you emerge stronger and happier than you can imagine at the moment. You just have to be willing to look inside and take time for yourself. Everything you need to take your life to a new level can be found there.

Because happiness is not something you find outside, it lies within you, because the outside world is only a mirror of your inner world. So if you manage to positively change your inner world, your view of the entire world will automatically change.


Joy of life comes with personal growth.


Therefore, do not hesitate to get someone by your side who will walk part of the way with you. You don't have to do everything on your own, there are so many - also free - offers and opportunities for growth and personal development. With every step you take, more and more joie de vivre comes into your life. Promised.

At the end of this page you can read 6 tips from me for more zest for life and energy in dark times.


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about the author


Agnes Uken, teacher and museum educator

Agnes in three words: thoughtful, empathic, communicative

As a philosophy and German teacher, Agnes has always dealt with existential questions. It was a great pleasure for her to bring her enthusiasm for her subjects closer to the students. Philosophy classes in particular are about understanding yourself better in your own thoughts and actions. The short and striking saying "Know yourself!" was not accidentally carved in the ancient city of Delphi on the Temple of Apollo.

The request may sound simple at first, but in the end it's about asking yourself the question again and again: Who am I and what do I want to do with my life, what do I want to align it with? Because only in this way can life be self-determined in harmony with oneself and others.

With cancer, Agnes realigned her life. For health reasons, she can no longer work in the school system today. With pleasure - and sometimes with sadness - she thinks back to the philosophical and personal conversations with the students.



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