Is Nick Wilde related to Robin Hood

by Anna Zamolska

Zoomania ties in with Disney classics like Robin Hood (1973) and designs an animal world that reflects our modern society and brings up current tolerance problems. The exciting crime story appeals primarily to young people and adults with its humor and multi-layered plot.


Zoomania is a metropolis with the six districts "Sahara Platz" (desert landscape), "Tundratown" (snow and ice landscape), "Amazonas quarter" (rainforest), "Nageria" (rural area outside the city), "Savanna Central" (City center and traffic junction of Zoomania) and "Klein-Nageria" (a miniature city for mice and other small rodents). Predators and prey live together in harmony, wear clothes, have cell phones and enjoy all other technical and modern achievements. Former natural enmities and earlier instincts are only discussed in prejudices that predominate in the city center.

Distributor: Walt Disney

Judy Hopps (voiced by Josefine Preuss) dreams of becoming a police officer even as a little rabbit and achieves this with iron discipline. She graduated from the academy as the best of her year and was transferred to Revier 1 (city center), making her dream of working for a better world come true. Her decision to be the first rabbit lady at the ZPD (Zoomania Police Department) is just as firm. Here she is put to a tough test when she is initially ordered to monitor parking spaces and is not allowed to take on serious cases that are currently piling up in the ZPD: The idyll and the peaceful coexistence of all animal species in zoomania is disturbed as in some former predators inexplicable reasons, hunting instincts awaken and threaten their fellow animals. All affected predators disappear without a trace.

Distributor: Walt Disney

The bright Judy soon gets on the track of the kidnappers of the missing predators when she forces the fox Nick Wilde (Florian Halm) to help her - she has discovered his crooked dealings beforehand and threatens to uncover them. In the course of their joint search, the two learn to appreciate each other and to leave prejudices behind. Your search reveals a plot by the second mayor Bellwether (Britta Steffenhagen), who wants to build a new government / dictatorship on the fear of prey animals of predators and to exclude predators from society and all important functions. For this purpose, selected animals were treated by their henchmen with a serum from a plant (called "kings of the night"), which made them go wild - and made the public believe that some animals had not shed their old hunting instincts and that others were still tearing up Blood.


Zoomania With his social criticism disguised as an animal fable, hits the nerve of the times and reveals prejudices that have become increasingly loud all over the world in recent years. Even the idealistic rabbit Judy Hopps always has an anti-fox spray with her and learns through her shared adventures with Nick that when fighting prejudices you have to start with yourself - to realize "that everyone is unique and has their own place in the world has ". The initially problematic relationship between the (once) natural enemies Hare and Fox is representative of the central conflict of Zoomaniathat divides society at times and raises the question of whether there are animal species whose genetic predisposition can be a threat to others. In this encrypted way, this animal fable asks the question whether there are groups of people and cultures who already have certain traits in their disposition. And the film itself answers this question with a clear "no": At the animal fable level, it turns out that all animal species react wildly to the plant-based serum and that con man Nick Wilde only became one because society did not give him any other career. He turns out to be a good cop and friend to Judy, who names him her partner.

As in many Disney films, there are also many intramedial references to predecessors from the large animation studio to be discovered: The physical training sequence in the police academy is reminiscent of the training units in Mulan (1998), where the girl in the royal army knows how to use her weaknesses in such a way that she becomes the best warrior. The fox Nick Wilde looks like a relative of Disney's Robin Hood and thus refers to its great predecessor. A weasel sells films on DVDs: The covers of well-known films with animals have been redesigned, and the reference to the predecessor is particularly striking Tangled (2010) by director Byron Howard, from the original English title Tangled has been Wrangled.

Distributor: Walt Disney

The swarm of animals brings picture books to life with attracted animals and shows the meticulously worked out city districts and habitats of the respective animal species in the manner of the Wimmelbuch: trains have doors of different sizes for the respective animal species, in Sahara-Platz buildings are modeled on sand dunes, in Tundratown there are ice floes instead of sidewalks, in the center there are cars in giraffe format and pattern up to the smallest mouse carts. The German animated film architect Matthias Lechner was the artistic director for the setting of the film and himself claims to have orientated himself on hidden object books.

Distributor: Walt Disney

Just as much fun as the colorful monumental shots from Zoomania prepare the many puns in the film: Nick Judy asks behind the back of the sheep Bellwether: "Does she count herself if she can't fall asleep?", speeches begin with "Ladies and gentlemen!", the city's Mafia boss hears a CD by Lucano Pavaratti in his car, buy hamsters instead of "Popsicle" (ice cream on a stick) "Pawpsicle" (literally: paw on a stick), Judy's home is called "Nageria" and the State Fair there takes place on "Carrot Day" . The film music and the song "Try Everything" by the Gazelle, the greatest pop star of zoomania, which was sung by Shakira, are captivating.


As in a classic animal fable that reveals human errors, we succeed Zoomania an impressive, direct image of today's society and thus unpretentiously puts the finger on its wounds - the result is a catchy plea for tolerance. Wrapped in an exciting detective story, the all-age film covers all the criteria for sophisticated, creative and innovative entertainment and refers in many places to other Disney masterpieces. The multi-layered plot and the humor remain incomprehensible to smaller children in places - therefore the film is recommended for ages 8 and up.

Original title:Zootopia
Genre:Comedy, animated film
Production country:United States
Year of production:2015
Duration:109 minutes
Age rating:Without age restriction
Release date (Germany):03.03.2016
Box office earnings worldwide:US $ 865 million (as of April 2016)
Director:Byron Howard, Rich Moore
Script:Jared Bush, Phil Johnston
Voice actor:
Ginnifer Goodwin / Josefine Preuß (Judy Hopps), Jason Bateman / Florian Halm (Nick Wilde), Idris Elba / Oliver Stritzel (Chief Bogo), Octavia Spencer / Marion Musiol (Mrs. Otterton), Shakira / Isabel Fernández Casas (Gazelle)
Music:Michael Giacchino
Cut:Jeremy Milton, Fabienne Rawley
Producer:Clark Spencer

First publication: April 16, 2016