Sarah Palin is attractive

Ex-US Vice Dick Cheney: Sarah Palin was a mistake

"I like Governor Palin," says Cheney. The "attractive candidate" would have been unsuitable for the vice presidency.

Former American Vice President Dick Cheney has described Sarah Palin's election as John McCain's presidential candidate in the 2008 US presidential campaign as a mistake. In an interview with the broadcaster ABC, Cheney said that the main criterion for someone who should be considered as a future US Vice President is: "Is this person also capable of being President of the US?"

"I like Governor Palin," Cheney admitted. "I met her, I know her and she was an attractive candidate. But judging by her background - she was first governor for how long, two years? ... I don't think she met that requirement ... capable to be, to take over. And I think that was a mistake. "

With his election of the little-known governor from remote Alaska, McCain surprised America and the world at the time. The then 44-year-old woman was initially seen by the 72-year-old candidate as a "game changer", someone who could turn the tide. But Palin's political ignorance - especially foreign policy - became a stumbling block for McCain. For example, Palin defended her foreign policy experience by saying that she could see Russia from her home in Alaska.

It is still uncertain who this year's Republican candidate Mitt Romney will face against the Democratic duo Obama and Joe Biden. Cheney was Vice President under President George W. Bush from 2001 to 2009.

(APA / Reuters / dpa)