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Lil Peep (†): Girlfriend Bella Thorne posts photos together

Lil Peep (†) died on November 15th of a drug overdose. His girlfriend Bella Thorne now remembers shared moments with the young musician

Lil Peep (†) was only 21 years old. The US musician was a cross-border commuter. He conveyed his eccentricity profitably in his beat-heavy compositions, but they also took their toll on health - with a fatal outcome. Bella Thorne has now said goodbye to the 21-year-old via Instagram.

Bella Thorne shares photos with Lil Peep (†)

The eight pictures shared by Bella Thorne are headed with the words: "Look at the big, damn smile that always lit up the room. Hearts were broken - everywhere." The pictures show the deceased celebrating, posing and in an intimate pose with Bella Thorne.

On the go up

His debut album Come Over When You're Sober, Pt. 1 came onto the market on August 15, 2017 at an offshoot of the major label Warner Music. Further evidence of Lil Peep's hopeful talent and the attention that the music industry has already shown him. The lyrics dealt with the drug-ridden conflict of the native New Yorker and were in harmony on all sides with a multifaceted hip-hop soundscape in minor.

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