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The 6 Most Common Beginner Mistakes When Learning To Surf - And How To Avoid Them!

The 6 Most Common Beginner Mistakes When Learning To Surf - And How To Avoid Them!

For beginners it can Learn to surf can be very exhausting - especially when the conditions don't play well, the board and the waves somehow don't want the way you want and this thing with the take-off just doesn't want to go really well - it always looks so easy with the professionals out! When things are finally going well in the white water, the unbroken green wave throws you off your feet again while surfing. The fact that surfing - just like skating or snowboarding - is just another sport on a board is a nice thought - but more of an illusion.

Surfing is one of the toughest sports (if not THE toughest) that you will ever learn, whether in surf camp or on your own. Nothing can destroy an ego as wonderfully as two hours on a softboard in the cold Atlantic with one wipeout after the other. Surfing has brought quite a few people of all ages to their knees and made them curse the day they decided to learn to surf. Even experienced surfers know the feeling well enough that nothing will work, because surfing is not only related to yourself, but also a lot to the right conditions. And what is it called so beautiful? The sea is a cruel mistress. Even after months of hard surfing, you will feel like you are just a little better than when you started.

So why bother at all? Because surfing is also one of the most beautiful experiences is what you'll ever do!

When you've finally gotten a wave and feel that indescribable feeling that only surfing can get, you know it's worth the effort. This is exactly what will make you not give up, try again and again, and try harder than ever before. And even if it's not about the next wave: To be in the water, to sit in the line-up without taking a wave, the sun above you, the blue depth below you - that is freedom! Surfing is simply indescribable, you just have to try it!

Let me tell you: Every surfer was once a desperate beginner who experienced the frustrating feeling of being properly submerged by a wave on a surf holiday after a nosedive or not being able to paddle out because he cannot beat the waves. A Kelly Slater, a John John Florence or a Bethany Hamilton also started out small. Here it simply means: stay tuned, bite through and get back on the surfboard.

A few difficulties can be averted right from the start and make it easier for you to learn to surf - that's why we have put together many tips for surfing here. Many beginners mistakes turn out to be very foreseeable in retrospect, which is why it can't hurt to know a little about the classic mistakes and thus maybe save yourself a little bit of frustration.