Is there an open source eWallet app

Is there any open source software for an e-wallet service?

Bitcoin Core JSON API wallet

This is a simple wallet based on the Bitcoin Core API

The code is very small:

The routes are ~ 50 lines

The main class is the Wallet class (~ 70 lines) and uses Bitcoin Client, a tiny library that contains Bitcoin core JSON wraps the RPC API.

I think the benefits of using the core wallet are numerous

Clientside solution

Another easy solution is to create local keys with Bitcore and use external APIs like in these two repos / apps: -

Key generation for both node and JS client side: and using the blockchain info API to get balance and utxos https: // /blockchain-info-api-basic/blob/master/

Signing and submitting a transaction with Blockcypher:

Of course, these two solutions need to be further developed (especially the second). I've linked them to give you an idea of ​​the capabilities that are currently stable and available with little code.

A good suggestion I think is to start with the core client or a client side js wallet library like Bitcore and Stable Block Explorer first to get balance, utxos and sending the TX. If no API key is required, that's a plus: D.. You have to get your hands on the code and play with the core / js browser client to create something that matters to you. Bitcoin is still uncharted territory and just fixing the UI / UX issues is a big win, even with a basic client. Sorry for the long answer