What is attitude in personality development

Personality developmentChange behavior through a positive attitude

The decision to do something or to change something is made in the midbrain. The emotions following the evaluations arising here should be included in the solution planning. Because it is only through a clearly positive emotional impression that a motive becomes the intention to actually act.

Motivation research has found that when we are faced with a choice to do something, we give the option to the variant that causes us the better or the fewest bad feelings. That is the reason why well-intentioned and factually accepted proposed solutions are not consistently taken up and are perceived as not feasible in everyday life. They don't make sense. The attitude towards change is fearful, doubtful, or insecure.

Before the intended change in behavior, you first need a positive attitude in order to successfully integrate changes into everyday life. This is the only way for managers to show more sovereignty and serenity, for example in difficult employee appraisals. Previous positive experiences with mastered situations also ensure self-confidence and are associated with corresponding positive feelings and physical perceptions. What are the consequences for the practice of collegial case counseling? Once the manager has decided on a suitable solution, the following steps are important for implementation: