What is the typical climate of Mongolia


Climate in Mongolia

Mongolia is a country of extremes. The climate is very continental, only in summer there are occasional clouds in the sky.

The humidity is very, very low. With over 260 days of sunshine a year, Mongolia is "the Land of Blue Sky". There is only a little rain in the months of July to September.

Long arctic winters are normal. In the Gobi desert you can still find snow until April and some lakes are frozen over until June. In the Gobi desert, the temperatures are slightly + 40 ° C in summer and in winter it quickly drops to -30 ° C. The evenings in summer can get a little cold. Frost has to be expected in spring and autumn and -50 ° C in winter is not a rumor.
The difference between day and night temperatures is often more than 20 ° C.

Mongolia is quite a windy country, especially in the spring. When the wind comes from the north, the temperatures drop very quickly. One day you can walk around with a T-shirt and sandals and the next you have to put on a sweater and sturdy shoes. The weather changes very quickly, especially in spring and autumn.

Winter in Ulaanbaatar is from October to April, the lowest temperatures (down to -30 ° C) are in January / February.

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